Your Dollhouse Contest Entries: A totally unscientific breakdown

By February 19th, 2010

I’ve spent a lot of time this week with your Dollhouse contest entries. And while we’re a ways off from announcing winners, there are a few things I can share now about the essays we’ve received.

(A caveat: The figures below are in no way scientific. They’re the result of my very fallible note-taking, and they should be used for entertainment purposes only!)

We received almost 100 essays, in total. Just about every entry received had something great going for it: an inspiring, creative idea or great writing. And we’re going to have a hard time narrowing them down. I don’t envy Ms. Espenson her work! 

A very shoddy gender breakdown, derived solely from name-based assumptions:

  • At least 54% of the entries probably came from women.
  • At least 35% probably came from men.
  • The other 10% or so? Came from people with names that could have gone either way.

A few other stats:

  • Almost 1/5 of the essays we received were about Topher (!).
  • Only 7% talked about feminism.
  • 25% referenced Buffy, Angel, Firefly, or one of Joss’ other creations in a significant way. (I’d estimate three times that number included at least a brief reference to another Joss show.)
  • 12% discussed, in some detail, the show as a show: its genesis, its handling by FOX, its cancellation and how that affected the storytelling.

And though I didn’t keep notes on this (I’m not sure how I could have, really), we got many more than a few international entries.

A few other things of note:

  1. As a reminder, we’ll be announcing the winners April 1.
  2. Once we announce the winners, we’ll also post a blog where those of you who didn’t win can comment and link to your essays, so you can share your essay easily with other Dollhouse fans!
  3. If you want to make sure you’re alerted when the winners are announced (and when the book becomes available, down the road), I highly recommend signing up for our Dollhouse email list, either below or on our Dollhouse contest page, which will remain up at least through Monday.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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No Comments On "Your Dollhouse Contest Entries: A totally unscientific breakdown"

  1. natalieann

    Those stats are pretty cool; thanks for posting them! I really regret not submitting. I started but got too busy and never finished in time, but I was going to discuss racial identity within the House.

    Have a great day!



  2. KT

    Nifty! I was wondering about exactly those sorts of things… thanks for satisfying my morbid curiosity. :D


  3. David Mello

    That’s an interesting breakdown of who wrote on what. I can say my entry didn’t fit any of those categories. In fact, you might say I compared the show to something else that Joss Whedon was involved in…not necessarily TV, either.
    If I don’t make it, I will submit it elsewhere on the net.


  4. Petar

    Shiny! Thank you for posting this! Damn you, real life, for not letting me finish my submission…

    Good luck to everyone who entered! Hope you make it!


  5. Phil

    So with 18 essays published and around 100 entrants we have about a 1 in 5 chance of winning in some form.

    Although I’m in the 35% of men, 4/5 + 93% that didn’t talk about Topher or feminism and 88% that didn’t grumble (this time) about Fox.
    Oh and I’m international. and also now confused.

    I guess Han had it right – “Never tell me the odds”

    Good Luck folks!


  6. Jody

    I don’t know if I would really consider these the odds. They are just interesting breakdowns. However, this break down does fill me with a nervous fascination. My mom keeps wanting to ready my essay and never watched one episode. Does anyone know a good wiki I can refer her to? At least I know people will get to read it no matter what. Good luck to everyone! I look forward to reading the book and all essays posted.


  7. Lanna

    oh wow, this is really interesting. I somehow thought that alot more people would write about Topher. but…i guess 20 is kind of alot. haaaa.
    but really, good luck to everyone who entered! I had alot of fun writing my essay, so it’s all good if I don’t make it in. sure my mind was fried afterwards, but it was the good sizzling kind. My writing skills definetly got sharper. I can’t wait til the essays are posted and winners announced!


  8. Chris

    Somehow I thought there would be tons of essays about feminism, which is why I chose another (though somewhat related) topic. Still satisfied with what I did write, though. Anyone know what time today we should be getting the results? The suspense is killing me!


    • Leah

      Very soon!


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