Rachel Vincent

Rachel Vincentauthor websiteRachel Vincent spends most of her time with people she made up, in places that only exist in her mind. She likes books, mobile email, and reliable internet access, and dislikes most cooked vegetables. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably watching movies or mastering the orange key on her Rock Band guitar. You can find her online at http://rachelvincent.com or http://urbanfantasy.blogspot.com.

Q. Earlier this fall the first book of your new YA series, My Soul to Take, was released. Where did you get your inspiration for making its main character Kaylee a bean sidhe, or banshee?

A. I did a lot of research, intentionally looking for a fantasy or mythological creature that hadn’t been explored much in the...

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Anne Ursu

Anne Ursuauthor websiteAnne Ursu is the author of two adult novels, Spilling Clarence and The Disapparation of James. Both books were Book Sense 76 Picks. Spilling Clarence was awarded a Minnesota Book Award and was a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers selection. Anne has recently written for Glamour magazine and ESPN.com. She lives with her husband, son, and their cats in Cleveland, Ohio. For more about the Cronus Chronicles, visit www.cronuschronicles.com.

Q. You write a lot in your A New Dawn essay about how teenage romance is an experience akin to addiction. How do you think Bella and Edward’s relationship would look 50 years from the events in Breaking Dawn, when they are still be teenagers in body, but not in...

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Temple Mathews

Temple Mathewsauthor websiteA graduate of the University of Washington and a producer at the American Film Institute, Temple Mathews has written dozens of half-hour animation TV episodes and several animated and live action features and direct-to-DVD and video films. Mr. Mathews has sold scripts and/or worked for hire at every major studio in Hollywood. His credits include the Walt Disney animated feature films Return to Neverland and The Little Mermaid II, and the MGM feature film Picture This! Mr. Mathews lives in Santa Monica with his daughter, actress Manon Mathews.

Q. Where did you get the idea for The New Kid?
A. I had a dream, actually, in which I was the New Kid, and instead of just the normal bullies and creeps...

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Nancy Yi Fan

Nancy Yi Fanauthor websiteNancy Yi Fan is the New York Times bestselling author of Swordbird. Her Chinese translation of Swordbird was published in a bilingual edition. Nancy spent the first part of her childhood in China, where she was born in 1993. Birds, a lifelong passion of the author’s, provided the inspiration for her novels. When she isn’t talking to and writing for readers worldwide, Nancy gets straight As in school, practices swordfighting, and takes very good care of her pet budgerigars, Ambergold, Cyan, and Tiger. She lives in Florida with her parents.

Q. In your essay for Secrets of the Dragon Riders you write about the use of anthropomorphic animals in fiction, like dragons in Paolini’s books and birds in your own. If you...

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Susan Vaught

Susan Vaughtauthor websiteSusan Vaught is the highly acclaimed author of Big Fat Manifesto, Trigger, Stormwitch, and a number of books for adults. Her upcoming release, Exposed, is already generating buzz, and fans are anxiously awaiting Oathbreaker, an epic fantasy co-authored with her son JB Redmond. She is a practicing neuropsychologist and lives with her family in Tennessee.

Q. In your essay for Secrets of the Dragon Riders you talk about how being older doesn’t always make you wiser. What do you think you’re less smart about now than you used to be?
A: I believe I’m less intuitive, or that I’ve forgotten how to listen as closely to instincts, intuition, and impulses/urges that probably represent my deeper connection to the world...

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J. Fitzgerald McCurdy

J. Fitzgerald McCurdyauthor websiteJ. FitzGerald McCurdy is the author of the international best-selling fantasy trilogy comprising: The Serpent’s Egg, The Burning Crown, and The Twisted Blade. Her second trilogy, The Mole Wars, met with similar success. The Fire Demons and The Black Pyramid will be followed by Guardians of Fire in 2009. McCurdy lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Q. Your essay in Secrets of the Dragon Riders describes Roran as a hero (more of a hero, in Eldest, than Eragon, even). What do you think makes a great hero?
A. I’ve finally figured out that perfect heroes are bor-ing. True heroes are made, not born that way. The greatest heroes of fiction frequently appear as tragic figures, conspicuously deficient in moderation, self-knowledge, and...

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PC and Kristin Cast

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PC and Kristin Castauthor website

Tulsa, Oklahoma is the realm of New York Times bestselling author PC Cast, where she juggles writing and teaching. Besides her bestselling House of Night series for young adults, PC writes the Goddess Summoning books for Berkley, and has created the award-winning fantasy world of Partholon published by LUNA. Please visit her at pccast.net, or houseofnightseries.com.

New York Times bestselling author Kristin Cast is only going to college because she loves education and lives to attend lectures. Okay, not really. Miss Cast currently attends the University of Tulsa and is a communications major. Miss Cast would like to become so famous people make fountains and/or shrines in her image. You can reach her through pccast.net.

Q. PC, you were the...

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Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clareauthor websiteCassandra Clare was born in Tehran and spent much of her childhood traveling the world with a suitcase full of books. She now lives in New York City, whose urban landscapes inspired her New York Times bestselling young adult fantasy novel, City of Bones. You can also find her work in the upcoming young adult anthologies Geektastic and Vacations from Hell. She prefers vampires to werewolves.

Q. In your essay in A New Dawn, you weigh the benefits (and pitfalls) of dating a werewolf versus dating a vampire. Which of the two would you pick?
A. Well, in the essay Aunt Charlotte says that Bella ought to pick a nice safe human boy to date, but of course Aunt Charlotte...

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Rachel Caine

Rachel Caineauthor websiteRachel Caine is the author of about eleventy-million books since 1991 (okay, it’s more than twenty-five, anyway), most recently the Morganville Vampires series and the Weather Warden series. She loves writing for the YA world. Visit her Web site, MySpace, and Livejournal, and look for her on Facebook, too.

Q: It’s pretty obvious from your piece in A New Dawn, “The Great Debate,” that you’re a member of the pro-Edward camp. Why do you prefer Edward over Jacob? And does that mean you think Bella should, too?
A: Oh, y’know, I’m pretty easy. Stephenie is in the driver’s seat, and justifiably so; she’s written incredibly engaging characters who have formed passionate fan followings– not an easy thing to do. I...

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Rosemary Clement-Moore

Rosemary Clement-Mooreauthor websiteRosemary Clement-Moore writes the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil series about a psychic girl detective (Prom Dates From Hell, and Hell Week, out August 2008). She lives in DFW and writes full time, which allows her to work in her pajamas and break every afternoon to play Guitar Hero.

Q: Your essay in Demigods and Monsters is about what it takes to recognize monsters in the Percy Jackson series. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, we’re reminded that there are some mortals, like Rachel Elizabeth Dare (and Percy’s mom, a little), who can see through the Mist and recognize monsters instantly, rather than learning how to do so through training. Do you think one is more important than the...

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