Comic-Con Freebie Giveaway

By Heather 25 Comments

One reason we get so excited to attend San Diego Comic-Con every July is that there are cool freebies being given away everywhere (they even give you giant bags for carrying around all of your loot!). Not getting to hunt for freebies is also one of the biggest bummers about not being able to attend, so we thought we’d bring the con to those of you who couldn’t make it, by giving away some of the best stuff we found at SDCC 2012. We’ve got two prize packs up for grabs:

Prize Pack 1 – YA goodies

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Upcoming Hunger Games Symposium in Philadelphia

By Leah 1 Comment

Hunger Games Symposium 2012V. Arrow’s unofficial map of Panem puts Philadelphia in District 13 . . . which makes it a not inappropriate spot to hold some Hunger Games presentations, wouldn’t you say?

On May 17, The Center for Media and Destiny and The Center of Media and Information Literacy are co-sponsoring Hunger Games symposium “Are the Odds in Our Favor?: The Hunger Games on Fame, Fashion, and the Fate of Humanity.” The symposium will be held on the campus of Temple University, and admission is free. Get all the details here.

I’ll be there, giving a talk on the differences between the book and film, the film advertising, and the affect of both on where we readers/viewers stand in relationship to the Games,

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The Rising Trailer

By Heather

You may have already heard the exciting news: the second book in Temple Mathews’ New Kid series, The Rising, is being re-released in June. We’ve already shared an excerpt from the book here, and now you can also watch the book trailer. Enjoy, and good luck trying not to get as creeped out as we were!

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Excerpt: The Rising, by Temple Mathews

By Heather 2 Comments

TheRising_FrontCoverAmazon | B&N Read an Excerpt

Book Description

Will Hunter’s had a rough few months. He just survived the battle of his life. He learned the devil was his father. And his newly demonic best friend Rudy is trapped under glass until Will can find a way to bring him back from the dark side. All Will wants is to lay low for a while with Natalie, the girl he loves, and focus on saving his friend.

But Will never seems to get what he wants.

In Seattle, Will encounters a dangerous new breed of female demon, faster and more deadly than anything he’s ever faced,

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Smart Pop internships for summer 2012

By Leah 2 Comments

1) Will you be living in the Boston area this summer?

2) Are you looking for an unpaid part-time internship that will give you a great overview of book publishing (plus a legitimate excuse to watch more tv/read more sf and fantasy)?

We have the internship for you!

The Internship

We’re looking for two part-time editorial and marketing interns for this summer. Our interns will work directly with Heather and I on our current and upcoming Smart Pop titles (like Beyond the Wall, The Panem Companion, and Ender’s World) and gain experience in traditional editorial and marketing tasks as well as the fast-growing field of online marketing.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Putting together editorial feedback on manuscripts 
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Drafting back cover copy and marketing materials 
  • Researching future titles 
  • Researching and pitching marketing leads 
  • Assisting in maintaining aspects of

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Announcing the Smart Pop Fall 2012 season

By Leah 3 Comments

It’s my favorite time of year again: time to announce a new season of Smart Pop titles.

I’ve included the book-specific sign-up form for each title below, so if any of these pique your interest and you want to get a head’s up when we post advance excerpts or do giveaways (along with, of course, a reminder email on pub date!), just enter your email and hit the submit button.

First up, in December 2012, is The Panem Companion:

The Panem Companion is a new unofficial Hunger Games guide that delves into Panem itself: how it could have come to be; it’s culture, socioeconomics, and ideas of race, ethnicity, and gender; and the effects on the characters we know and love. Plus, it

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Nyx in the House of Night Giveaway Winners

By Heather

Last month we opened a giveaway for Nyx in the House of Night, with five winners to receive a copy of the book (signed by both P.C. and Kristin Cast), an illustrated print of the goddess Nyx (signed by the artist Alan Torrance), and a NYX cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in sapphire. We asked entrants to share in the comments what kind of tattoos they would get as an adult vampyre if they lived in Zoey’s world, and got some great answers in return (we highly recommend reading them here!). Without further ado, here are the contest winners and the comments they shared.


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Nyx in the House of Night Giveaway!

By Heather 94 Comments

The ninth House of Night book, Destined, came out last month, and by now we figure you’re probably looking for your next House of Night fix; we’ve got a giveaway that should do the trick!

Five winners will receive:

  • a copy of Nyx in the House of Night signed by both P.C. and Kristin Cast
  • a gorgeous illustrated print of the goddess Nyx signed by the artist, Alan Torrance (check it out above)
  • and, as a little extra, a NYX cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in sapphire (NO relation to the series; just a great coincidence!)

(We support everyone’s right to wear eyeliner, regardless of gender. But it’s also the

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Secrets of the Dragon Riders Special

By Heather

Congratulations to Christopher Paolini on yesterday’s release of the fourth and final Inheritance Cycle book, aptly titled Inheritance. In honor of the book’s debut, we’ve posted an essay from Secrets of the Dragon Riders for this week’s YA Wednesday essay; you can read “My Dragon, Myself” by Kelly McClymer here for the next week. We’re also running another special: for the time being, you can get Secrets of the Dragon Riders on Kindle for the crazy low price of 89 cents! We hope you enjoy.

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The Official Nyx in the House of Night Trivia Quiz

By Leah

Haven’t heard about our latest YA Smart Pop anthology, Nyx in the House of Night, on P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series? Read more about it on the main Smart Pop blog.


Take this quiz on Facebook (and share the results with your friends) instead!



Quiz not showing up above? Click here.


Prefer to use pen and paper, the old-fashioned away? See below!



1. From which mythical sisters do fledgling vampyres Deino, Enyo, and Pemphredo (unaffectionately labeled the Hags from Hell by Erin and Shaunee) take their name?

a. The Gorgons b. The Fates c. The Graiai d. The Hesperides

2. Which House of Night class symbol also represents the Triple Goddess, the path to the inner self, and the concept of reaching from one’s

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