Want to Write For Smart Pop?

We find the essays for our anthologies in a variety of ways, from soliciting essays from particular writers to all calls inviting writers to submit potential topics for consideration to open contests (though we’ve been doing more of the first than the second and third, of late).

Some of our anthologies are restricted to a certain group–for example, our anthologies on YA series, which are limited to published YA writers, or our psychology anthologies, which are limited to those with a background in psychology–but for others, we’re happy to have essays from anyone with something smart to say about the subject and the ability to say it in an engaging way.

We’re always interested in meeting new writers. If you’d like to write for us, just send us an email with:

  • A short biography. Tell us about any prior experience, but also any special areas of expertise. (If you do happen to be a published YA writer or have a background in psychology, for example, let us know!)
  • A writing sample. Make sure to include a sample or two of your writing. Your sample should be reminiscent of Smart Pop’s style: accessible and engaging, as well as offering surprising insight. Academic-style papers are usually not a good choice, but in-depth blog entries definitely can be.

We’ll be sure to confirm receipt of your email.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we aren’t always able to get back to you–but please rest assured that, if we’ve let you know we’ve received your email, we’ll carefully consider your writing sample and add you to our master list of potential contributors for future consideration!

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