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By February 12th, 2010 9 Comments

Last night was the season premiere of Survivor‘s 20th season, Heroes vs. Villains. It’s an All-Star season with a twist.

You can see who is back for more rounds of game-playing and manipulating on the Villains team, and working hard and back-patting on the Heroes team here.

Although Survivor doesn’t generate nearly as much media buzz as it did when it began ten years ago, it’s still addictive to long-time fans, and this season promises to be as good as any with the return of Boston Rob, Colby, Rupurt and Russell.

In honor of this exciting season, we’re giving away one copy of The Psychology of Survivor to a lucky Smart Pop reader (and commenter). Just tell us, below, who your favorite Survivor contestant to date has been.

We’ll leave the post up and comments open through next Tuesday at 11:59 p.m Central. We’ll announce a (randomly selected) winner on Wednesday.

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9 Comments On "Win a copy of our Survivor anthology!"

  1. Nancy

    My all time favorite survivor is Rupert!


  2. Scott

    Bob, the physics teacher from a couple seasons ago (I think when it was in Gabon). He was one of the very few people who I actually wanted to see win. Plus, he looked like Bill Nye the Science Guy, which was awesome!


  3. jennifer

    @Scott, agreed, he was a great contestant. He was the one who started the “crafting your own idol!” practice that a few other contestants copied, I think.


  4. Rich Steeves

    If I had to pick one, it would be Sean Kenniff from the first season. That guy was out there to have a good time and would not get down and dirty with his Tagi tribemates. His alphabetical strategy would have been great- if he didn’t announce it!

    Honorable mention to Greg Buis from the same season, for his gameshow, coconut phone and acting like a pirate at Tribal Council. I also love Gabe from Marquesas- he was another who was there for the experience and not to win. I wish Linda from Africa and Dolly would have lasted longer, too!


  5. Jules

    The original and the best – the fat naked gay guy – Richard Hatch. He set the tone of the game for seasons to come. Without his conniving strategies and outrageous behavior, Survivor would’ve been just a mundane reality game show version of Gilligan’s island.


  6. Kumar

    I’m going to go with Yau Man Chan from Fiji (and briefly in Micronesia). He made one mistake that prevented him from becoming Survivor legend, but he was still my favourite contestant by far nonetheless.


  7. Mary

    Rob C. from Season 6. He had excellent strategy and great soundbites–I’d like to see him play again at some point!


  8. Emily H.

    My favorite is Rupert.


  9. MiC

    Russell Hantz…..the guy found 3 hidden idols without any clues! Wasn’t always the nicest guy, but he knew how to play the game. Wish he would have won.


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