What Smart Pop book do you wish we’d make?

By April 20th, 2010

Even though officially Leah and I love all our Smart Pop titles equally (said in the most diplomatic voice possible), secretly we still have our favorites. Unlike parents, I think it’s okay to admit that. Leah harbors a┬áspecial affection for our James Bond anthology. Even though my personal favorite property we’ve covered is Veronica Mars (I’m still torn up over it’s early cancellation, the one that happened three years ago), my favorite Smart Pop title was Coffee at Luke’s. I read the book before watching the show, and it inspired me to inhale seven seasons in just a few weeks. That’s the sign of a good book right there!

But there are also properties I wish we had done books on long ago (Weeds, for one) and properties I still secretly hope we cover one day. Unfortunately, just because a show is loved and well-watched doesn’t mean readers will line up to buy a book about it.

It’s all such a complicated book-making dance!

Regardless, we genuinely love to hear what property you want to read more about it, so here’s your chance:

What property would you like to see us make the focus of an upcoming Smart Pop book? Long-loved TV show? Book series you re-read once a year? A movie subject you go to conventions for? Nothing’s off limits! We’re excited to hear what you come up with.

(And although we can’t promise you’ll actually get to read a book on the topic one day, speaking up is definitely the first step!)

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  1. Mike P

    Has there been an anthology covering “Doctor Who” yet? Especially given the interest in the newest incarnation, I think there would be a lot of philosophical gold to mine “from all space and time”…


  2. samantha jo campen

    I am a Mad About You FANATIC. I would LOVE to see something about that series. As well as Friends if it hasn’t been done. Lord I could recite any line from any show from all seasons (M.A.Y and Friends, both).


  3. Claire

    The Babysitters Club. Come on. You know you wanna. Plenty of fans of the series from the first time around, plus a prequel this year and reissues of the early books…


  4. Claire

    Also: The West Wing!


  5. Steph

    I’d love to see something on The West Wing. There’s so much in that show. I’ve also just gotten into Big Love, and there’s a LOT of material there. Oh, and Bones and Fringe.


  6. Steph

    Oh! Yes–to the person who said The Babysitter’s Club. That is RIPE for a book.


  7. Jennifer K. Stuller

    What about a book on “Futurama”? With the original series, the 4 movies, and the series coming back on the air, there is a lot to mine as far as stories, guest spots, characters, fan studies, and writers. I’d LOVE to read (and write for ;) an anthology like that!

    Or how about “The Tudors” or “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”? Or perhaps, “Arrested Development”?


  8. Emma

    Wonder Woman! I’d even offer to edit that one, seriously under-discussed heroine and for no good reason.


  9. Bill Spangler

    I’d love to see a Doctor Who anthology too. (I’d love to write for it, too, but that’s another story.)


  10. Jennifer K. Stuller

    Yes to “Fringe” – and also, what about a book on the work of Bryan Fuller? “Pushing Daisies,” “Wonderfalls,” “Dead Like Me,” and “Heroes”?


  11. Joy Davidson

    CAPRICA seems like a natural! And FRINGE.


  12. Rachel B.

    agree with Jennifer- Arrested Development (come on!), Steph- Bones and Mike- Dr. Who. how about The Office, Scrubs, or Castle? when i’m not watching tv, nothing better than reading about it :)


  13. Scott

    X-Files. There’s so much subject matter. Government, science, aliens, relationships, and cryptozoology. The series also had religious motifs. And the fan following/impact on pop culture is definately worth a mention.


  14. Vickie

    Fringe and Caprica!


  15. Diane

    I think an Aaron Sorkin book would be a great idea (As well as WW, I also loved Studio 60).

    I’ve also finally (FINALLY) very belatedly got into Seinfeld in a big way, and I would love to see a Seinfeld book. I think it’s still missed, still enough a part of the culture (in fact, so many shows, from Arrested Development to The Office) owe it so very much that people would want to read it even a decade after it ended. (I would, anyway…)


  16. dia

    Another vote for Fringe and The West Wing. And Mad Men.


  17. Kevin Bachelder

    Among the ideas mentioned so far I’d be very interested in titles about Fringe and the X-Files.

    Other TV shows that I think would be great to cover would be…

    * Legend of the Seeker which is based on the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth book series

    * Torchwood


  18. TVWatchtower

    I love to see books for “Doctor Who,” “Torchwood,” “Being Erica,” “Caprica,” and “Pushing Daisies.” Those would be AWESOME!


  19. Arysta

    I’d love:

    Doctor Who
    West Wing

    I’d also be very interested in Mad About You and Pushing Daisies.

    Or: Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels books, the Liadan Universe novels, Twin Peaks, Inuyasha, Labyrinth movie, Joan of Arcadia, Moonlight.


  20. Theora

    Another vote for Dr. Who, Babysitter’s Club, and Bones.


  21. Karen Mahoney

    Wonder Woman
    Doctor Who

    *sigh* ;)


  22. arghc

    Deeply surprised that there’s no Doctor Who/Whoniverse book.
    Thirding the votes for a Wonder Woman book.
    Nominating Mythbusters and Due South.
    Nominating the Song of Ice and Fire, Discworld and Pern.


  23. Kumar

    Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies and The West Wing get my votes.


  24. Dorv

    I have to chime in on the West Wing. And do another submission contest. Just saying.

    Plus, don’t be afraid to revisit properties. I don’t know how well it worked financially with Serenity Found, but there is a lot of material out there to be mined in properties you’ve done already.


  25. Chris

    I’d never thought of it before, but “Weeds” definitely sounds ripe for analysis.

    Also echoing the recommendations for “Joan of Arcadia,” “Pushing Daisies,” “The Office,” and “Arrested Development.”


  26. orangehands

    I totally second West Wing, Weeds, and Big Love. And The Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop.

    Suggestions: The Big Bang Theory, Medium, In Plain Sight, Malcolm in the Middle, Community, Kim Possible, The Good Wife, Frasier, Naruto, Law & Order: SVU.


  27. orangehands

    Oh, and also Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Iron Giant, Pixar movies, and Daria.


  28. Matt Resnick

    I know the first few have been said but

    Doctor Who and Torchwood
    West Wing
    Song of Ice and Fire
    Arrested Development
    Pushing Daisies

    I do not think anybody has said the following:
    The Wire
    Babylon 5
    The Sandman Comic Series


  29. Matt Resnick

    Also Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games trilogy of books.


  30. Maria Lima

    My list (in no particular order)

    — Doctor Who
    — Torchwood
    — Weeds
    — Legend of the Seeker
    — West Wing
    — Sons of Anarchy
    — The Middleman
    — Spartacus: Blood and Sand


  31. Steven

    — Sons of Anarchy

    — Treme

    — 30 Rock

    — The Daily Show/Colbert Report

    — Craig Ferguson


  32. Tez Miller

    Family Guy. I’ve already picked out a topic if I were to write an essay on the show… ;-)


  33. Naz

    Agree with the Aaron Sorkin stuff – not just Studio 60 and the West Wing even, Sports Night has some great stuff, and I’d be pitching to write something on its portrayal of women in sports journalism – there’s some very interesting elements there.

    For something utterly different I’d love the idea of something on The Middleman. Admittedly it’s probably even more niche than Veronica Mars, but with the comic to TV element, along with analysis of the geek referencing, homages in terms of shot, ideas around feminism (the portrayal of Lacey’s campaigning could almost be a chapter in its own right), something on the cancellation of the show and then the final live performance of the missing unfilmed episode… There’s loads of stuff in there. I’d pitch for it ;)


  34. shaun

    Dr. Who



  35. shaun

    Avengers (Marvel Comic characters) – wide open options and you either have lead time to get it ready for publication around the movie, or enough built in audience with characters like Hulk and Iron Man to publish it before the movie.

    This could also be a chance to do Hulk or Iron Man material that might be popular, but not voluminous enough to support its own book.


  36. Kevin Bachelder

    ‘The Middleman’ would be great and it contained homages/refernces to lots of other genre content so there’s lots of ways to cover that.


  37. Natasha Fondren

    Doctor Who! Doctor Who! Doctor Who! *jumps up and down* I’d love to see a Doctor Who anthology!


  38. Ze Moose

    FLCL, although honestly I don’t know that there would be that much demand for it, it’s kind of a niche thing. But it seems like a show that’s just dying for someone to turn an academic eye to it.

    Also, I second Futurama.


  39. Kat Anderson

    I’ve got to join the “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” following(s), since they are absolutely brilliant. I’d also love to read and write (hint hint) about Bones, Caprica, White Collar, In Plain Sight and Big Bang Theory. And let’s face it if there was a contest for “The Babysitters Club” I’d totally enter it.

    Last one- The Dresden Files book series(not the wonderfully awful t.v. show)


  40. heatwave16

    So many great choices, but I’d have to go with, Xena, Bones, Sanctuary, and Warehouse 13!!!

    I would have to list Xena as number one!!!


  41. David Hopkins

    The Wire(!), How I Met Your Mother, and more comic book properties. Possibly some manga: the work of Naoki Urasawa?


  42. Deborah J. Brannon

    Oooo, excellent suggestions so far! My own wishlist is as follows:

    Doctor Who
    Pushing Daisies
    Dead Like Me
    The Big Bang Theory

    The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.
    The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.

    (I am amused to realize that I have essay ideas for each of these crowding inside me as well!)


  43. Alanna

    I know someone above mentioned “Doctor Who”, which I would love to see along with its spin-off shows “Torchwood” & “Sarah Jane Adventures”. As for other television Series, “Smallville” would be interesting, it’s been running on air a long time and has diverted enough from the original comics here and there to warrant its own book by now. There were a couple series I followed this season that look as though they may not get picked back up again and this is most troubling for me with the show “Mercy”. If it ran another season or two I could easily have seen a Smartpop done on it. With shows still hanging around next year, “Chuck” and “Fringe” I think would also be great fodder. There is also a newer British series I have absolutely fallen head over heels for and can now with no hesitation claim it as my favorite series of all time, “Being Human”. It’s about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost sharing a flat in Bristol, and if that alone doesn’t get you curious enough to check it out I don’t know what will. It’s gaining in popularity worldwide slowly but surely, its third series (season for us colonials) is debuting in January, and I’m sure a Smartpop book would get the show even more followers.
    As for literary works, I’m so happy to see the “Anita Blake” series get a book, but what about the other two paranormal thriller series that are just as big if not bigger than “Anita Blake”. I’m speaking of course of the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels by Charlaine Harris and my personal favorite, the “Dark Hunter series” by Sherrilyn Kenyon. The former is doing even better now with it’s HBO television adaptation, “True Blood” and the latter is being adapted into mangas. Lastly, on the literary end, I believe you have a book on the “Discworld” series by Terry Pratchett but I’m not sure if it counts as a Smartpop or if it’s some sort of long critique and analysis; I haven’t seen any essays put up for online reading. If it is Smartpop cannon, then what about the series most often compared to it, the “Xanth” books by Piers Antony. I myself have not yet gotten around to reading them (they’re on the list, I have over 300 books before them though) but they are obviously a popular series. And with the above mention of books+television fodder (“Sookie Stackhouse” & “True Blood”) what about the “Sword of Truth” series by Terry Goodkind with its televised version, “Legend of the Seeker”? Kind of makes me wonder what you guys are planning for the “Vampire Diaries” book I know you’re planning since its both TV and a series of books which are from what I hear very different from each other but equally good.


  44. Alanna

    After finally reading through every comment, I think Doctor Who my be winning. =)


  45. Julian Adams

    I’ll put in a vote for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


  46. Rachel

    I’ll repeat the votes for Dr. Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures.

    Now that the Harry Potter series has been finished, it would be great to see a sequel to ‘Mapping the World of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, similar to ‘Finding Serenity’ and ‘Serenity Found’.

    Babylon 5 and Numb3rs would both be great.

    I’d love to see anthologies on James White’s Sector General Novels, Terri Windling’s Borderland series and Orson Scott Card’s Enderverse, but almost no one’s heard of the first 2.


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