What Every Gleek Needs (Plus a Giveaway!)

By December 1st, 2010

Right on the heels of a brand-new Glee episode, here is our gift guide for every Gleek (and that’s nearly everybody, right?).

First, something to keep you warm (or, at least clothed).


From left to right: 1. Grilled Cheesus t-shirt; 2. I Heart Artie t-shirt; 3. The Gouda News

There are a few more tees you should check out, too, like this “It’s a Metaphor” t-shirt and this “Lima Loser” one.

Or, if you don’t like clothes (we don’t judge), you probably need to drink a lot of coffee to keep warm. So why not drink from this Brittany-inspired mug.


For those Gleeks who like to show their devotion by accessorizing, here are a few pretty things.


From left to right: 1. Glee star charm necklace; 2. Emma’s sweater clip; 3. Total Glee necklace

There’s almost nothing better (well, for me) than getting stationary as a gift. Now, SUE SYLVESTER stationary? Even better.


And, hey!, if Sue isn’t your cup of tea, check our Brittany, Quinn, Kurt, and Emma notecards.

And then, of course, there’s Filled with Glee, your one and only Glee companion book. (Buy now! It’s on sale!)


Just like our other two gift guides that came before, you can win your very own fantastic copy of Filled with Glee by leaving a comment (any comment!) below. We’ll pick a winner next week!

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  1. Elissa

    Brittany quotes are the best! :)


  2. Maria Lima

    I seriously hate you just a little right now. You are going to make me spend money!!! ;)


  3. S-DAWG

    It’s Britney . . . bitch.


  4. MrsJ

    OMG, so cool!


  5. ArchLeonDrewfan

    Love Glee is much!! Those thing r so awesome!


  6. moqus

    I love Glee. Sue rocks!


    • Klondike

      Takhns for sharing. Always good to find a real expert.


  7. Stephanie

    I am a Gleek. The whole cast is so talented.


    • Zeal

      Now I feel sputid. That’s cleared it up for me


  8. Diantha

    I’m such a Gleek. Flove Brittany. (Bitch.)


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