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By March 1st, 2011

Back in 2008, we released our first anthology of YA authors writing about YA book series, exclusively for Borders. We modeled them after our Smart Pop series, and we called them Teen Libris. We also launched a website to go along with them: TeenLibris.com.

Since then, we’ve released half a dozen YA anthologies (including updated re-releases of those Borders editions), with two more–The Girl Who Was on Fire and Nyx in the House of Night–to come this spring, all under the Smart Pop banner. (There’s also one television anthology of just YA writers, on The Vampire Diaries. You can see all nine here.) So it seemed past time to make our YA site into the Smart Pop family, too: as Smart Pop YA.

We’ll be doing a lot of the same things we did at TeenLibris.com–doing author interviews, posting excerpts, running contests. But the new blog format will allow us to do some new things, too. Things like this post, for one. Things like running more giveaways simultaneously, for another. (Look for the first one today, and more over the next few weeks; we’re starting things off with a free-book bang.) And you can still easily check in on the latest contest, interview, or excerpts using the buttons there on the right.

In addition, we’re restarting something we’ve done over on the main Smart Pop site: YA Wednesday. Every Wednesday, the free essay on the Smart Pop home page will be from one of our YA titles. That essay will show up here, too (though we certainly invite you to hop over to smartpopbooks.com to see what else we have to offer!).

Finally, we’ve also imported all the interviews, excerpts, and reviews posted on TeenLibris.com over the past few years. They’re all still accessible; they’ve just been reformatted to fit the new site. They’re also much more easily searchable.

So welcome to Smart Pop YA. We hope you love the new site format as much as we do!

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