True Blood “Night on the Sun” (3.8) Recap

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This past Sunday’s episode of True Blood is being recapped by Philippa Ballantine, whose essay from A Taste of True Blood is “What a Strange Love,” a Sam Merlotte-centric essay after my own heart. (Editor’s confession: he’s my favorite.)


Seems to me things are starting to catch up with the folk that inhabit the True Blood world. Characters turned up on all sorts of peoples’ doorstep, and consequences really started to pile up.

I thought this episode was going to be a breather after the crazy action of last week, but the second half of episode eight kicked right back into gear. Let’s first talk about those consequences.

Sookie and Bill had a heart-wrenching conversation in the hospital about how their relationship has been a battle right from the start. By being with Bill Sookie is denying herself a normal human life. As they both cry, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. Who among us hasn’t been in a love relationship that just doesn’t work, no matter which way you twist it? Sookie and Bill’s is a little more complicated with fangs and telepathy involved.

Russell, who seems awfully impulsive for an ancient vampire king, is beginning to see that bringing home your wife to live in the same house as your lover isn’t all smooth sailing. And with Sophie Ann bringing her parrots with her, birds are literally coming home to roost.

But uh-oh, there’s Eric lurking around the corner, hearing Russell saying how important Talbot’s life is to him. I wonder if that will also come back to haunt the King of Mississippi. Eric has been getting more and more crafty in the last two seasons–and Russell does seem to see that, but apparently he can’t resist the lure of the Viking anymore than the rest of us can.

More troubles are heading Sookie’s way. Apparently Debbie is annoyed at our favorite waitress for her involvement in the death of Coot. But before then Sookie has to deal with Jason trying to get her to press charges against Bill, and when that doesn’t work, threatening to go take care of the vamp himself. In the process Sookie’s telepathy comes dangerously close to revealing her brother killed Eggs.

And apparently Arlene is feeling a little guilty too. A dream visitation from Rene reminds her that the baby she’s carrying is his–well that can’t possibly lead to a good nights sleep.

However Miss Jessica is being a little more proactive. When Bill returns home, and tries to dismiss her, she fights back. Considering this is pretty much like kicking your baby out onto the street, I cheered. At last she and Bill have a proper bonding parental moment. Both of them are alone, and both of them feel they can’t be with the one they love. It’s so good to see Bill finally stepping up to his responsibilities. He actually starts training Jessica how to fight.

We’re treated to some heartrending scenes where Tara is struggling to live with what Franklin did to her–suffering flashbacks and nightmares. But at least she worked out something–she wants to live. The death-wish Lafayette was so afraid of her succumbing to has been banished.

Another thing banished is Sam’s parents. Melinda Mickens can’t bear to leave Joe Lee, but gives up Tommy into Sam’s care. Tommy is going to be a handful for Sam though. He nearly ends up in fight with Hoyt, and seems to be giving the glad eye to the women in Merlotte’s. Oh Sam, I have a feeling there is more to come.

Jason, who was pulling out his Fellowship of the Sun gear (presumably to go start something with Bill), was distracted when Crystal arrived. She had a black eye from telling her fianc© she wasn’t going to marry him. Jason and she ended up getting naked on the couch, but it’s obvious this isn’t some fling for Bon Temps’ resident Romeo. Crystal warns him her family will kill him, but Jason shows some of that bravery we saw in season two … even if it is the variety of stupid.

But Crystal’s folks end up at Merlotte’s looking for her. Both Tommy and Sam sniff something out about them, but they’re not the only ones. Crystal’s father and ex-fianc©e call Tommy and Sam ‘shifters’. So it appears there are yet more supes in the area.

Jason goes to Crystal father’s place, and sees a naked man chewing on the dead body of a deer. Justifiably freaked out by this, Jason runs into her dad coming back from Merlotte’s. Jason uses his ‘I’m a cop’ line, but it really doesn’t seem to impress Daddy Norris. More trouble coming from that direction.

Lafayette gets a visit from his mother, who had escaped her nursing home. She starts talking about protecting her son, because he is very powerful. When Jesus turned up to take her back, he agreed with her. I smell another subplot coming up. Still it was nice to see Jesus and Lafayette end up with each other.

Eric sends Sookie a message through Hadley, warning that Russell and his wolves are coming for her–oh yes, and ‘don’t trust Bill’. Alcide has had to leave for Jackson, since the pack has begin reprisals against his family, so Sookie is left alone in the house–or is she?

As Russell sets off, Eric offers to keep Talbot company. Naturally this gets to the point where Talbot simply says ‘I’m bored, take off your clothes’.

Meanwhile back at Sookie’s, Debbie, and a couple of her packmates arrive to cause trouble. While Bill and Jessica take care of the wolves, Debbie and Sookie engage in an epic smackdown upstairs.

All our heroes end up winning (though Debbie does a dive out the window to escape the enraged Sookie) but Jessica, in her enthusiasm, runs outside in pursuit of the werewolf. Bill’s warning to stay in the house is a little too late, and Russell, who’s waiting outside, grabs the baby vamp and drains some of her blood forcing Bill to come out. Bill manages to get Russell to fight him, but the Vampire King throws the injured Jess aside, telling the were to rip her to pieces. She flees with the wolf in pursuit.

Of course, Bill doesn’t stand a chance against the much older vamp, but just as Russell is about to finish him, Eric ends up saving Mr. Compton. Back at the mansion, the Viking is in a hot embrace with Talbot … but ends up being the ultimate backstabber. Yep, there goes Talbot, the houseproud and just a little self-centered. I think I will miss him nearly as much as Franklin.

Russell is now distracted from killing Bill, he flies off instead. (Uh-oh Eric.) Jessica is shown chowing down on the werewolf, while Sookie and Bill reunite among the ruins of the fight.

Looks like the consequences will just keep on coming for the supes, vamps, and humans of Bon Temps. And that’s just the way I like it.


Thanks, Philippa!

You can purchase A Taste of True Blood today, and we invite you to read an excerpt of (or purchase!) Philippa’s essay What a Strange Love,” as well!

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