Top 5 TV Character Crushes

By September 21st, 2010 24 Comments

Last week we covered the most interesting, most complex, most watchable characters on tv. (Trust me, that comment section is one to check out.) But the lovely Amy Berner reminded us of a good point in her comment: some characters are more crushworthy than best-of worthy.

Leah suggested we take that tv crush topic and turn it a post of its own.

That’s just what we’re doing.

And, as always, we fully expect/encourage/downright beg you to share your own answers in the comment section below. You’d be shocked how much enjoyment the Smart Pop team derives from your participation on this site!

My Personal Top-Five TV Crushes:

1. Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek). When I re-watch Dawson’s Creek now, I cringe my way through it. This is not a timeless show, not by a long shot, and all those characters I once loved just plain annoy me, but there’s one lovely exception to all that disappointment: Pacey. He is the boyfriend we all wanted in high school: adorable, smart, funny, but with just enough self-destruction and internal angst to keep him interesting. If you didn’t think much of the character before, just try not to fall for Joshua Jackson (the actor responsible for Pacey) in this hilarious spoof video of Pacey-Con.

2. Ben Covington (Felicity). He was aloof, horribly uncommunicative, and there’s that little detail of how he sort of repeatedly broke Felicity’s heart. But, there was just something about Ben that made you melt whenever he’d walk in the room. You wanted to root for Noel! (And, hell, maybe some of you did.) Noel was the smarter choice. But, no matter what made sense on paper, could anyone really fault Felicity for choosing Ben in the end?

3. Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights). I want to say Tim Riggins, and I won’t argue with any one of you if you say Tim Riggins, but there’s just nothing sexier than a good husband and father, is there? Eric’s both and he’s not too tough to look at, either. (He’s also not in high school, even fictitiously, and that makes me feel better about having a crush on him.)

4. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries). Oh, Damon. Ooooooh, Damon. I know he does all these bad, can-hardly-believe-it things, like kill people, but it’s just so hard to remember any of that when he starts raising his eyebrows or cracking off-colored jokes or rolling his eyes. All’s forgiven!

5. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars). Our crushes don’t discriminate at Smart Pop. So many of you have said all there is to say about Veronica Mars: she’s snarky, she’s badass, she’s edgy, she’s smart.  But, come on, she’s hot, too.

Honorable (they’re-playing-themselves) mentions: Tyler Florence from the Food Network and  Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race.


Do tell, who are your tv character crushes?

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24 Comments On "Top 5 TV Character Crushes"

  1. Ashley

    Wow, it’s like you’re reading my mind! ;) I adore all those shows, and Pacey and Ben are two of my all-time TV crushes.


  2. Jessi

    Pacey, most definitely. My left-over crush for Joshua Jackson is pretty much the reason I started watching Fringe (although I kept watching for so many other reasons). McSteamy is one of my new loves (I never could say no to a sexy bad boy) and I am now busy developing quite a thing for Eric (True Blood) and


  3. Karen Mahoney

    Oooh… yes to Damon Salvatore (Current No.1 Crush for me), and yes to Pacey Witter (from days gone by).

    I’d add Sawyer from Lost. *sigh* Normally I don’t go for ‘beefcake’, but he’s so messed up and vulnerable and loyal and conflicted and… and… ;)

    I used to have a MAJOR crush on Fox Mulder. I mean, seriously, pretty big. I wanted to believe, you know? Come to think of it, I also had a crush on Dana Scully. lol!

    Okay, and talking about equality of the sexes and being fair, I would also say I had a total girl-crush on Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 (ah, those were the days). SO much more interesting than any of the male characters on that show. Oh, and Aeryn Sun from Farscape (I’m sensing a theme here with Space Military Grrls), but then John Crichton definitely gave her a run for her money! :)

    Finally, I would have to throw in some Crush Votes for Detective Bobby Simone (NYPD Blue), Angel AND Spike (from Buffy – I never could decide), and Faith (from Buffy).

    Um… I could go on, but I’m supposed to be working on line edits and it’s gone midnight over here. Thanks for helping me to procrastinate. *g*



    • jennifer

      Karen, I think I’m the only woman who just never saw Sawyer’s appeal. It’s one of the reasons I abandoned the show around season three: there was just no character I found lust-worthy!

      (Which is a sad window into what I look for in a tv show.)


      • Karen Mahoney

        LOL!! I approve of your criteria. :D


  4. Kirsty Walker

    Mine are always ill-advised – Sylar in Heroes (psychotic serial killer), Jack in Dawson’s Creek (gay) and Castiel on Supernatural (non-gendered supernatural being inhabiting the body of a married Christian)


  5. Bri Meets Books

    Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. He’s just adorable. He believes in monsters (specifically Nessie), yet is a lawyer. He’s the perfect mix of sensible and playful. Also I was watching an episode on Lifetime last night and he was mad at Ted for kissing a married woman. So he’s sensitive.

    Also Barney Stinson from HIMYM. He’s a womanizing cad. But he loves magic. And is adorable. And makes things possimple.

    Angel from Buffy.. What girl didn’t want him crawling into her window?!

    Uncle Jesse from Full House. You know you had it too.


  6. Diane

    Oh, wow. I hated Ben Covington most of the time. He had that sulky bad boy thing going on, but… I don’t like that.

    My top TV crushes are funny, clever guys like Josh Lyman, Chandler Bing, and Michael Bluth. More superficially, have you SEEN Derek (Shemar Moore) from Criminal Minds? Not to objectify anyone, but he is hawt.


  7. Katie

    Definitely Damon Salvatore from TVD, hands down. Old crushes? Like someone else said, Sawyer from LOST when it was playing. Also Jim from The Office and Michael from Arrested Development.


  8. Trish

    When I was a kid I had a massive crush on Dirk Benedict when he played Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica.

    These days, my crushes are:

    1. Eric Taylor on FNL for all the reasons you mentioned.
    2. Michael Westen on Burn Notice because even though I don’t think Jeffrey Donovan is the hottest guy on TV, he makes the character look so smooth and he wears the hell out of clothes. EVERYTHING looks good on him.
    3. Steve McGarrett on the new Hawaii 5-O because… do I even need a reason? Alex O’Loughlin is HOT.


    • Karen Mahoney

      Starbuck! Dirk Benedict!!

      Me too. *g*




  9. Ivey West

    This will be fun:

    Veronica Mars: the gold standard. Sassy, smarter than everyone you, and loyal to a fault.

    Fred Burkle: every geeks gream dream girl, and then theres the accent.

    Anya: perfectly awkward

    Donna Moss: the perfect woman not named Veronica.

    Only four, because i can’t pick amongst the rest :)


    • Ivey West

      Oh, and to clarify, I am still stung over Felicity picking Ben. Just sayin.


  10. Lauren

    The Pacey-con thing is amazing! I had a huge crush on him for sure. Also Ben Covington – he was so sigh-worthy.
    I have a long-standing crush on Clark from Smallville even though sometimes I wish he showed his sense of humour more. Since Lois showed up, he’s been way more fun. I also have the hugest girl crush on Chloe, or maybe even more on Allison Mack who plays her because I believe every single line she delivers, even when the dialogue is ridiculous!


  11. Kat

    I have to say Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls. mysterious. hot. likes books. snarky. bad-boy appeal with a sensitive side. yummm.


    • jennifer

      Kat, I agree about Jess!


    • Claire

      Oh yes!


  12. Kj

    I adore Logan Echolls against all my better judgement.


  13. Claire

    PACEY. Oh, be still my heart.

    Chandler Bing.

    Veronica Mars.

    Alan Shore.

    Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.

    Addison Montgomery.

    … and so many more.


  14. Dee

    Uughhh, most of your crushes are mere boys! I like my men fully grown and not on a show I hate as much as Friday Night Lights. Btw, cheers to whomever picked Fred Burkle. That is my girl crush.

    My other crushes (in no particular order):

    -10th Doctor aka David Tennant, Dr. Who

    -Sawyer, Lost

    -Wesley- Angel

    -Mulder- The X-Files

    -Mark Antony, Rome

    -Gregory House, House

    -Eric Northman, True Blood (pretty much every guy from this show, really)

    -Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars (so I like ONE boy, sue me!)


  15. Amy Berner

    Hooray! I love this topic!

    Well, after my last comment, my first one is kind of obvious…

    Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) – Chuck is my TV boyfriend. Smart, fun, handsome in a cute way, always looking out for those who need him, sweet, and just plain adorable. And the spy upgrades are pretty darn cool.

    From there it got tough, but I’m going with these four. For now, anyway.

    John Crichton (Farscape) – Handsome, snarky astronaut in leather pants, alternately fighting and sneaking his way across a very weird galaxy. Crichton rocks. He and Aeryn are my favorite television couple to this day. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t entirely sane all the time. Not his fault!

    Alcide Herveaux (True Blood) – Have you seen him? *sigh* Sorry, vampire-lovin’ folks, but I’ll take this werewolf over them any day. He is DREAMY. He’s my newest television crush. I find myself leaning closer to the screen when he’s on it. *fans self*

    Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood) – Because how can you not? He just IS. I prefer him in Doctor Who as he’s so much darker in Torchwood, but even after “Children of Earth,” I can’t help it.

    Dean Winchester (Supernatural) – I don’t normally go for the bad (well, bad-ish) boy type, but he’s just so wonderfully snarky and cool. Plus, there’s that whole saving the world thing. Bonus points for the Impala, too.

    Honorable mentions to Will Riker (ST:TNG), Xander Harris (Buffy), Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1) and Will Tippin (Alias)


  16. Sarah in Ottawa

    I am right there with you with Pacey and Ben (in addition – the actors who played the roles were both Canadian!). I think Veronica is wonderful, too, but as much as I fought it I LOVE Logan Echolls.

    And Phil from TAR rules.


  17. IzzyMom

    I was mad that Felicity picked Ben so he’s not on my list even though there were things I liked about him. I also really like Eric Taylor. He’s just such a GOOD guy. There are so few non-morally ambiguous characters on TV, which he solidly is, so he’s on the list.

    But Tim Riggins…the way he’s written breaks my heart over and over and over. He’s just such a tragic character…but he’s the only one who doesn’t know it. And the looks he gives, where other writers would have inserted dialogue, just say so much.

    I’m not all the way through the show yet so I don’t know if it changes but right now, the way he loves Lyla so totally and unconditionally (whereas her love comes with so many conditions) makes my heart melt and break all at the same time. And let’s face it, he’s so good looking it should be illegal. Gah. Love me some Tim Riggins.


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