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We here at Smart Pop may be the only Mad Men fans in the world that aren’t upset that the show’s fifth season was delayed until early 2012. Why? Because we—along with authors Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin—have been hard at work this year on The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, hitting shelves December 2011.

If you’re as excited about the book as we are (and as these various news outlets were, when we announced the book back in February), you might be interested to know that we’ve officially launched the book’s web presence . . . which comes with a few opportunities to get a sneak peak at the book’s contents!

I’ll be doing our usual introduction post here on the blog closer to pub date, but in the meantime, you can find out more about the book yourselves in a few places online:
The book’s official site, run by Judy and Peter. Read the back copy copy! Check out the recipe for Keens’ Ceasar Salad (which we viewers saw being prepared tableside as Don, Pete, and client Horce talk over dinner in season 3’s “The Arrangments”)! Visit their blog, being updated every Sunday night between now and the premiere!

You can also sign up for the book’s update list (as you can on our book page, or using the form below). Signing up means you’ll not only get notification of upcoming events, but also an advance PDF of the book’s introduction and three advance recipes to read right now.


The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook on Facebook
Get Smart Pop updates via Facebook? If so, you may already know about our Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook page on Facebook. We’re bribing you to Like us (and keep up with the book pre-publication that way) by offering three more advance recipes.

As we get closer to pub date, we’ll also be posting trivia questions to give away book copies, sharing some of our favorite Mad Men food quotes, and otherwise keeping you updated on everything that’s going on surrounding the book.


@DineLikeDraper on Twitter
And because we believe in multi-channel distribution, you can also follow the authors’ blog posts, those food quotes, event updates, and more by following the book on Twitter. (Why @DineLikeDraper? We thought Don would approve. Also, @UnofficialMadMenCookbook was too long.)


I love this book, and I can’t wait to start hearing what you guys think of the advance recipes!

To conclude: a clip from the February 23 episode of The Colbert Report, in which the book makes a surprise appearance:

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Intro – 2/23/11
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(Sorry, Stephen—no Chicken a la Cigarette. But maybe we can come up with a recipe in a future edition, just for you.)


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2 Comments On "The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Online"

  1. Ashley @ Book Labyrinth

    This is so much fun! Can’t wait to check out the different recipes and websites.


  2. Irene

    Now I know what I am buying my daughter for the Holidays.
    I have been worried about her lack of culinary skills and how she will ever catch a man… living with 3 guys, finally she will have the right recipes! Thank you Peter and Judy!


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