The Psychology of Twilight Giveaway!

By November 16th, 2011

Since Leah introduced The Psychology of Twilight a few weeks ago, I’m sure many of you have been eager to pick up a copy of Smart Pop’s latest anthology for your own (in time for the big movie release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1).

If you have wanted to read this anthology, today just may be your lucky day. We’re giving away five copies of The Psychology of Twilight to five (randomly selected!) commenters.

We’ll leave this giveaway up through the weekend—in case you’re busy fighting the crowds at the theater instead of sitting at your computer—and announce the winners on Monday. ETA: Deadline for entry extended through Monday at midnight CST! (We’ll announce Tuesday.)

Simply comment with the answer to this Twilight question: What is your favorite movie in the Twilight series (so far)? (When we announce the winners, we’ll also announce the group’s most popular movie!)

And if you want to check out excerpts of the book while you wait (or order a copy for someone for the holidays!), you can do so over on our Psychology of Twilight book page. And be sure to check out the free essays we have up through the weekend, via the home page.

Enjoy the fourth film premiere this weekend, Twilight fans, and we hope you’ll enjoy The Psychology of Twilight not long after that.

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No Comments On "The Psychology of Twilight Giveaway!"

  1. Sarah

    My favorite twilight movie so far has been Twilight!


  2. Cliff Key

    My favorite, thus far, has been Eclipse.


  3. Lindsie

    My favorite movie is ECLIPSE!!!


  4. yaksi

    eclipse!!!!!!! best one goinmg to see breaking dawn woop!!!


  5. Regina

    While Twilight does have the best line ever (“This is the skin of a killer!”) I’m going to have to go with Eclipse. So many vampires that actually act like vampires! <3


  6. Tram

    Of course it’s New Moon.


  7. Renee G

    My favorite in the series was Twilight


  8. lawrence

    breaking dawn is nice, especially the battle scene. i enjoy things with powers =)


  9. Jemimah Abigail Villanueva

    It’s been three years but I could say TWILIGHT is STILL my favorite movie from the series because it’s where Edward and Bella first met. :DD


  10. Kim Kelly

    Same as my favorite book, Eclipse. I’d love to read over this book because it’s interesting how pop culture can play into academic discussion. There’s even whole courses devoted to analyzing Twilight, it’s themes and the impact on culture :)


  11. Teri C

    This book sounds fabulous especially right now as we all want to watch Breaking Dawn ;)


  12. Kaya H

    honestly I love the wolves portrayal in the movies because it has been the best transformation digitally that I have seen. I loved Eclipse the most out of the three movies out. I am waiting until the weekend for BD.


  13. Elisa

    The original Twilight is still my fav. :)


  14. deanna

    fave: new moon


  15. Leilani W

    Twilight is my favorite.


  16. Eric

    My favorite movie would have to be the newest one breaking dawn p1..the story really unfolds in this movie- awesome!


  17. Lauren

    I love the newest one the best…breaking dawn prt. 1. Before that? Eclipse.


  18. Sherelle

    My favorite movie in the series so far has been Eclipse!!


  19. Stepany

    My favorite is Breaking Dawn ♥


  20. Maria Paz Sotelo

    I Think Till Now My Favorite One Is Twilight Eclipse. To Learn The Passion Edward Has Toward Bella Was Just Exciting To See.


  21. Morgan

    My favorite movie was Eclipse! :)


  22. Storm

    I’d have to say New Moon is my favourite movie/book in the saga :)


  23. Megan Strauss

    My favorite Twilight saga movie is a close call, but its definitely Breaking Dawn Part 1!!! I love Twilight with all my heart!!!:D
    <3 xxooxx


  24. Toni Nokes

    ‘Twilight’ remains my favorite.


  25. Heidi Forgey

    My favorite movie out of the series so far is Eclipse. The action and dedication is amazing!


  26. Diane

    My favourite is Twilight as it’s the beginning of a beautiful love story x


  27. Yolanda Flores

    I love Eclipse – they finally catch up to Victoria and kill her! The way the wolves and vampires unite to save Bella! #priceless


  28. Linda Pearson

    Hands down before this weekend the best movie was “eclipse” but each movie just gets better and better. Just one more year and the world will have to find something to fill their time. What will we do without knowing how Jake and Ness spend their lives together?


  29. Raquel Jimenez

    Even though Twilight will always be the most special one because it’s the 1st and so where Bella and Edward met and it all started, my favourite movie is Breaking Dawn. I found it amazingly well made, well acted.. I just loved it!! Found it really beautifully made =)


  30. kelly beckett

    I saw Breaking Dawn last night and have got to say it’s my favourite movie of the saga so far, amazing!


  31. Jenna Boots

    BREAKING DAWN. Words cannot describe how amazingly beautiful it was. The movie really brought the book alive.


  32. Antara Chowdhury

    I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night, and it is by far my favorite!


  33. Diana

    My favourite is Twilight so far. I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 yet.Count me if it is international!


  34. Erin

    My favorite so far is Eclipse, but I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn: Part 1 yet.


  35. Wesley

    My favorite is Eclipse! Breaking Dawn is a close second.


  36. Marlene

    Crepusculo! es el comienzo de la historia, las demas estan increibles, pero crepusculo es la mejor(;


  37. Gina

    My favorite movie has been Breaking Dawn part 1 because it is very close to being exactly like the book!


  38. Dangrdafne

    Twilight is my favorite because it started everything.


  39. Andrea

    I have to say so far Breaking Dawn is by far my favorite in the series although all thee others are good Breaking Dawn is like the falling action and the resolution it’s just amazing


  40. CherylSab

    I love all the movies but Breaking Dawn was my favorite book and Bill Condon came through with making it the best movie by far!! Can’t wait for part 2!!


  41. Meagan lewis

    Breaking dawn part 1! Isaw it yesterday and loved it:)


  42. Maria Belen

    Just saw Breaking dawn part 1 last Thursday in the midnight premier and I can say it was my favorite so far


  43. Sheri Z

    My favorite Twilight movie so far for me is Twilight because it was the beginning of it all!


  44. Annelies

    I think my favorite movie is Twilight. But it’s a tough one. All the movies were great and also completely different. But Twilight has the start of the most beautiful romance.


  45. Richard Peterson



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