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By September 1st, 2011

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1. From which mythical sisters do fledgling vampyres Deino, Enyo, and Pemphredo (unaffectionately labeled the Hags from Hell by Erin and Shaunee) take their name?

a. The Gorgons
b. The Fates
c. The Graiai
d. The Hesperides

2. Which House of Night class symbol also represents the Triple Goddess, the path to the inner self, and the concept of reaching from one’s inner core to the outer universe?

a. Atropos’ scissors
b. Nyx’s spiral
c. Eros’ wings
d. Nyx’s golden chariot

3. Which of the following House of Night characters is NOT an actual figure in Native American mythologies and religions?

a. Grandmother Spider
b. Changing Woman
c. The Raven Mockers
d. Kalona

4. The actual Raven Mockers of Cherokee myth are evil spirits that:

a. Steal children from their homes at night
b. Feed off the life spans of the old and sick
c. Lure people into the woods to their deaths
d. Feed off the nightmares of the living

5. Rephaim the Raven Mocker takes his name from a biblical race of giants descended from angels. Which of these biblical figures was said to be one of the Rephaim?

a. King Solomon
b. Abraham
c. Goliath
d. Noah

6. When Stark traveled to the Otherworld, Sylvia Redbird suggested burning what type of plant, which is sacred to the Cherokee people?

a. Pine needles
b. Lavender
c. Sage
d. Cedar needles

7. Which of the following is needed to travel to the Otherworld in the House of Night?

a. Cedar
b. Blood
c. Prayer
d. Spirit Candle

8. Sgiach’s castle on the Isle of Skye is located in which country?

a. Ireland
b. England
c. Wales
d. Scotland

9. What is the name of the tree in the House of Night on which Zoey and Stark tie strips of cloth in hopes for happiness during Awakened?

a. The Tree of Dreams
b. Nyx’s Tree
c. The Hanging Tree
d. The Tree of Life

10. Sgiach is also known as:

a. The Warrior Princess
b. The Warrior Queen of Nyx
c. The Great Taker of Heads
d. The Great Destroyer

11. Which Celtic goddess of the fire and earth represented the strength aspect of Zoey’s shattered soul in Burned?

a. Epona
b. Rhiannon
c. Brighid
d. Belisama

12. In what order does Zoey call her fledgling friends and their elements to join the circle ritual?

a. Shaunee (Fire), Erin (Water), Stevie Rae (Earth), Damien (Air)
b. Steven Rae (Earth), Shaunee (Fire), Damien (Air), Erin (Water)
c. Damien (Air), Shaunee (Fire), Erin (Water), Stevie Rae (Earth)
d. Erin (Water), Damien (Air), Stevie Rae (Earth), Shaunee (Fire)

13. Sylvia Redbird used crushed bits of what protective gem, known among many American Indian tribes as “sky stone,” to repel the Raven Mockers in Untamed?

a. Quartz
b. Lapis Lazuli
c. Turquoise
d. Sapphire

14. In Greek myth, Nyx is said to travel across the sky in a chariot drawn by what?

a. Cats
b. Horses
c. Lions
d. Ravens

15. Vampyres of the House of Night and the revenants from European folklore on which the modern-day ideas of vampires are based share all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:

a. Both drink blood
b. Both have long nails that grow quickly
c. Both are active primarily at night
d. Both have fangs

16. In Hindu tradition, the place where Nyx’s crescent tattoos Mark vampyres in the House of Night is also the location of an important chakra, or energy center, on the body, called:

a. Sahasrara
b. Anahata
c. Ajna
d. Visuddha

17. Which goddess of Norse myth, whose preferred mode of travel was in a chariot drawn by two cats, is said in The Fledgling Handbook 101 to be a priestess of Nyx?

a. Frigg
b. Hippolyte
c. Nott
d. Freya

18. According Islamic lore, Nala, Maleficent, and Beelzebub’s first cat ancestor was created after Noah passed his hand three times over the head of which large feline?

a. A lion
b. A tiger
c. A leopard
d. A cheetah

19. All of the landmarks in Tulsa that appear in the House of Night books are real EXCEPT:

a. The Gilcrease Museum
b. The Union Depot
c. The Benedictine Abbey
d. None of the above

20. The Casts based all of the following House of Night characters on real people EXCEPT:

a. Professor Vento
b. Dragon Lankford
c. Damien Maslin
d. Neferet


The Answers

(Nyx will know if you cheat.)


1c, 2b, 3d, 4b, 5c, 6d, 7b, 8d, 9c, 10c, 11c, 12c, 13c, 14b, 15d, 16c, 17d, 18a, 19d, 20d


If you got 17-20 out of 20 right, you’re a . . .

Sixth Former

Nyx commends you for your excellent work. Are you sure your last name isn’t Cast?

Bulk up your already considerable knowledge of myth, folklore, and religion in Zoey’s world by reading Nyx in the House of Night, edited by P.C. Cast!


If you got 13-16 out of 20 right, you’re a . . .

Fifth Former

Well done, fledgling! You are nearing the end of Nyx’s journey on your way to knowledge, understanding, and the magic of the House of Night.

Complete your education in the myth, folklore, and religion of Zoey’s world by reading Nyx in the House of Night, edited by P.C. Cast!


If you got 9-12 out of 20 right, you’re a . . .

Fourth Former

Great job! Your knowledge of Zoey’s world shows you are well along the path of Nyx and steadily gaining ground.

You can learn even more about the House of Night’s myth, folklore, and religion with Nyx in the House of Night, edited by P.C. Cast!


If you got 5-8 out of 20 right, you’re a . . .

Third Former

Fledgling, your journey in the House of Night has just begun, but we can tell you are eager to get going!

You can learn more about myth, folklore, and religion in Zoey’s world with Nyx in the House of Night, edited by P.C. Cast!


If you got 1-4 out of 20 right, you’re a . . .


Don’t worry; you can still read up for the day you get Marked with Nyx in the House of Night, edited by P.C. Cast!




Read more about the correct answers! Or check out the Nyx in the House of Night book page, with an excerpt from every chapter.

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