The Girl Who Was on Fire – Movie Edition

By December 15th, 2011

Why are we putting out a Movie Edition of The Girl Who Was on Fire?

Well, book publishers love new editions. (It gives bookstores a reason to take a fresh look at an old book.) And who am I to resist an excuse to jump back into the Hunger Games series and have a few new writers write a few more great essays?

For our new edition, we drafted Brent Hartinger, Jackson Pearce, and Diana Peterfreund to write essays for us: on mixed opinions of Mockingjay; why we shouldn’t forget about Gale, just because he wasn’t the one Katniss picked; and the game theory of the Games, respectively.  I think they all make incredible additions to the original edition’s fantastic line-up (which you can refresh yourself on, if desired, here).

Here’s what I don’t like about new editions: Sometimes it feels like they’re designed to punish readers who bought the first edition. You buy the first book, and then the publisher comes along and puts out a new one, with just enough extras to make you kind of irritated you didn’t wait. Because if you want to read the new parts, too, you have to buy the whole book all over again.

So we’re bucking the usual trend. In addition to releasing The Girl Who Was on Fire — Movie Edition in print and e-book form, we’re also releasing something specifically for those of you who bought the first edition: the Girl Who Was on Fire — Movie Edition Booster Pack.

It’s only in e-book form, it’s priced at only $5.99, and it includes everything the Movie Edition does that the original edition did not.

(Unfortunately, since it’s an e-book, I can’t link you to it yet; it may not be up and available online until January 17 when the book officially goes on sale. But if you’re signed up to receive updates on our book page or below (either for the original edition or the new one; it’s the same list), we’ll let you know as soon as it does!

There’s one more question to ask here, and that’s: Why are we calling it a Movie Edition?

Is it just some cheap ploy to get the book on those movie display tables at the front of the bookstore? Okay, maybe a little. But mostly, we’re calling it a Movie Edition because of the other thing that’s new about this new edition–or at least will be new, as soon as The Hunger Games hits the big screen.

Both e-book editions–the full book and the Booster Pack–also come with access to a special section with our authors’ thoughts on the Hunger Games movie, to be released end of March right after the film itself. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the Movie Edition in January or in April; you’ll still get access to that content. (The details on how, of course, are in the e-book itself.)

This whole thing is a little bit of an experiment; we’ll be putting everyone’s opinions together, copyediting and proofing, and getting the new pages into various e-pub formats and into you all’s hands in–if all goes as planned!–less than a week. But it’s an experiment we’re really excited about.

We have a lot more planned around the Movie Edition’s release next month and then the film release in March, so we hope you’ll stay tuned for that. And thanks again to those of you who bought and loved and told your friends about the first edition of The Girl Who Was on Fire–because you’re the ones that made this new edition, and the extra content, a possibility!


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