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TV’s Top 5 Characters

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There are entire shows I have been charmed by based on one character alone (see: Blair Waldorf and Gossip Girl below) and there are others with an entire group of well-developed, interesting, and watchable characters (see: The West Wing, The Office). So, it’s no small feat to pick the best tv characters to ever appear on the small screen (even if it’s just in my opinion!). It’s downright hard, in fact, but these are the things I do for my job: talk about tv. Life is tough.

In no particular order:

1) Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. It’s safe to say this show is the definition of a guilty pleasure, but there is actually one aspect I find award-winning and that’s Blair …

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Some Emmy Thoughts!

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The Emmys have come and gone and you just know a company devoted to pop culture commentary has some thoughts on who won and who didn’t. (Also on who wore what, but those particular thoughts might be best saved for a different time.)

So, drumroll…

Some Nice Emmy Moments:

  • While I love Glee and can (and often do!) vouch for its awesomeness, seeing Modern Family take a few of the writing awards — and, of course, the best comedy prize — was pretty great as I think it’s one of the best-written shows on tv right now. In fact, I can’t remember laughing as hard or as often as I do at any sitcom since the first few seasons of The Office. (Although Archer

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Watch great TV all year long

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One development I’ve noticed over the last five years in television has been the change to the standard season. No longer are all the quality shows airing September through May. We now have great programs premiering, airing, and wrapping up at various times throughout the year, which means you never really have to watch The Bachelor. Although, if you want to, we won’t judge.

So, if you’re disappointed that some of your favorite shows will be ending this May, here are our top picks for spring and summer releases to fill the void:

  • Justified, which airs tonight on FX. Starring Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, a man with an interesting take on upholding the law. So far, the show has

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TV’s most addictive show

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In the Yahoo! TV blog today, Television Without Pity writer Angel Cohn gave a list of reasons why The Vampire Diaries is TV’s “most addictive show.”

Including this :

“It’s Scary and Creepy. A supernatural show shouldn’t be all talk – it should have its share of terrifying moments, which this one delivers via freaky scenes underground and in the dark woods, filled with blood and unnatural evildoers.”

(Check out the rest of the list. It’s a good read.)

The Vampire Diaries has had a great first year and is, arguably, getting better and better with each episode. New episodes are back at the end of this month.

But, tell us, what do you think is the most addictive show on TV? The Vampire Diaries

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Win a copy of our Survivor anthology!

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Last night was the season premiere of Survivor‘s 20th season, Heroes vs. Villains. It’s an All-Star season with a twist.

You can see who is back for more rounds of game-playing and manipulating on the Villains team, and working hard and back-patting on the Heroes team here.

Although Survivor doesn’t generate nearly as much media buzz as it did when it began ten years ago, it’s still addictive to long-time fans, and this season promises to be as good as any with the return of Boston Rob, Colby, Rupurt and Russell.

In honor of this exciting season, we’re giving away one copy of The Psychology of Survivor to a lucky Smart Pop reader (and commenter). Just tell us, below, who your favorite Survivor …

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Love and pop culture, hand-in-hand

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Valentine’s is just a few days away, and we’re curious: do you have any great dating or relationship anecdotes that involve pop culture?

I credit The Office (US version) for breathing life into my relationship with my then-boyfriend, now-husband when we were fresh out of college and ridiculously broke and stressed. Regardless how red our bank account balance appeared, we could count on non-stop, side-splitting laughter every Thursday night. Also, thanks to Top Chef, we now enjoy cooking and eating better, more delicious foods together than we ever did before the Bravo hit came into our lives.

So, tell us, what similar stories do you have of love going hand-in-hand with  a pop culture property?


Additionally, check out this delicious TV bachelor round-up

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Best TV/movie kiss

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Valentine’s is a few days away, and although this holiday tends to bring out mixed feelings in Americans, it’s still on the calendar, like it or not. For those of us in the “like it!” camp (if for no other reason than an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate), we have a few posts scheduled this week you might enjoy. Hey, even if you hate the day, you can give credit to the properties that have done love right.

First up, best TV or movie kiss.

Mine’s a little odd, perhaps, as it’s not from a universally loved movie, but it’s a good scene, nonetheless.

From Becoming Jane:

I don’t know about you, but I think all the best kisses end with one …

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