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Clap If You Believe … And You’d Better!

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We have a special guest post today from Jacob Clifton who, most recently, wrote a piece for our True Blood anthology (you can read it in its entirety this week, so be sure to click on that link!).

His guest post today is about faeries — historically, in other literature and art, and in True Blood, too.


Many of us probably rolled our eyes when Bill Compton finally told Sookie the big secret about her part-fairy lineage, because when we think of fairies we think of Tinkerbell and her buds: pretty, tiny chicks with wings and short skirts, floating around in balls of light. But we’ll learn in the next season that we don’t really know anything about fairies. In fact, we’ve already seen …

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Finally, A Vampire (Fan) Gift Guide

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We like vampires at Smart Pop. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but we certainly like vampire properties. True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Buffy, Angel … we’re fans of ’em all. And if you (or someone you know) are too, then here’s the gift guide for you.

First up, True Blood loot:

From top to bottom, left to right: 1. Bon Temps bumper sticker; 2. Fang Banger Boy Brief; 3. I Love Eric charm bracelet (and, who doesn’t need this?); 4. Bon Temps football t-shirt (we can all pretend Jason gave this to us personally); 5. O Positive necklace; 6. Fangbanger wooden bangle; 7. Vampire bait necklace; 8. True Blood word magnets

For the Vampire Diaries

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True Blood “Fresh Blood” (3.11) Recap

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Here it is, the recap before the season’s final episode recap. This one is from Vera Nazarian, whose essay “A Kinder, Gentler Vampire” was up (in its entirety) on the site last week and is just so good. Read the excerpt, purchase it too. And, without further ado, here’s last night’s recap!


Okay, before we begin this week’s episode recap, let’s … recap. Last week, was the week of Revelations. It’s like the Tree of Knowledge Pi±ata has been cracked open over everyone’s heads, and all kinds of OMG-inducing juicy tidbits came raining down, and now Everyone Knows. Everything.

Tara knows that Jason shot Eggs (the person, not the contaminated and recalled poultry product). Terry knows Arlene’s baby is Rene’s (and is possibly …

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True Blood “Everything is Broken” (3.9) Recap

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Another Sunday night, another intense True Blood episode. Thankfully, we get to relive it with Jonna Rubin‘s fantastic recap below. You’ll definitely want to press purchase on her top-notch essay “Sookeh! Bee-ill! and the Downfall of William T. Compton,” which is on the state of Bill Compton in season two. (Hint: she doesn’t say downfall because it’s good.)


We open this delightfully dark little episode at Fangtasia, where Eric tells Pam what he did (staked Talbot, in a risky, weird move I still don’t completely understand) and Pam rightfully asks if he’s gone completely around the bend, because, uh, really Eric? Russell is like A JILLION years old and … really, Eric? I’m all for revenge, but this seems creepily suicidal …

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True Blood “Night on the Sun” (3.8) Recap

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This past Sunday’s episode of True Blood is being recapped by Philippa Ballantine, whose essay from A Taste of True Blood is “What a Strange Love,” a Sam Merlotte-centric essay after my own heart. (Editor’s confession: he’s my favorite.)


Seems to me things are starting to catch up with the folk that inhabit the True Blood world. Characters turned up on all sorts of peoples’ doorstep, and consequences really started to pile up.

I thought this episode was going to be a breather after the crazy action of last week, but the second half of episode eight kicked right back into gear. Let’s first talk about those consequences.

Sookie and Bill had a heart-wrenching conversation in the hospital about how their …

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True Blood “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” (3.6) Recap

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And, the latest episode of True Blood is also being recapped today, as well, by Nick Mamatas.


In my essay “Working Class Heroes” in A Taste of True Blood, I took a look at the class composition of our protagonists, and the mechanisms of soft control–religion, social work, etc.–that society uses to dominate the working class. Season three continues to offer class politics aplenty with Sam’s family of shifters (who apparently make their living in the underground dog fighting ring), Jason’s dalliances with the police force and with Crystal, and with the uber-suave King of Mississppi and his army of biker-werewolves. In Season three, True Blood has taken us into the world of the lumpenproletariat.

The lumpenproletariat are basically, according …

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True Blood “Trouble” (3.5) Recap

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This recap (from last week’s episode) is from Paula Rogers, who we got to know better a few weeks back.


My essay “To Live and Live in Dixie” examined how traditional Southern culture was changed, or not, by magical creatures. Much of my essay focused on Louisiana, and since most of season 3 seems to be taking place in Mississippi … well, at least it’s not Nebraska.

Actually, Mississippi is considered more a part of the traditional Deep South than Louisiana, what with the confederate flag still part of the current state flag, and all. The conflicted Southern legacy of slavery, secession, and segregation (among other things) that I mention in my essay is especially dramatic in Mississippi, and more associated …

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True Blood “9 Crimes” (3.4) Recap

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Recap by Joe McCabe, who we got to know a little better a few weeks back and his essay in A Taste of True Blood is “Pure Blood.”


My essay in A Taste of True Blood — “Pure Blood” — is concerned with the differences and similarities between True Blood and the granddaddy of all vampire sagas, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Bill Compton rides a perpetually swinging pendulum between the Southern Antebellum era gentleman and the beast of Stoker’s narrative. The pendulum continues to swing in season 3 of the show, particularly in the fourth episode, “9 Crimes,” which sees Bill Compton return to the savagery from whence his undead existence began.

The episode begins with Sookie tending to Alcide’s wounds, …

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A Taste of True Blood: Meet Alisa Kwitney

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Before we introduce you to another talented writer who also happens to be contributor to our awesome anthology A Taste of True Blood, let me bring to your attention a great deal. For today only, check out our Facebook page for a great offer on the book (think: serious discount).

Now, onto the talent! Alisa’s essay “Blue-Collar Bacchanalia” takes another look at the much-talked-about character of Maryann. Here are the same questions we’ve given all the contributors with Alisa’s original answers.

Who is your favorite True Blood character?

Oh, this is hard. I had so much fun with Maryann the maenad, who really delighted in her own bitch-goddessness. As a kid, I always wanted to be a villainess for Halloween. But I …

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True Blood “It Hurts Me Too” (3.3) Recap

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Recap by Kirsty Walker, who we got to know a little better a few weeks back and her essay in A Taste of True Blood is “True Stud.”


(Editor’s note: we’ve left the English spelling of certain words to retain Kirsty’s voice in this recap.)

In my essay “True Stud” I examined the relative masculinities of the main male characters of True Blood and episode 3.3 was a smorgasbord of complex male behaviours.

Eric starts the show by displaying how he can straddle primal masculinity and metrosexuality. He’ll rip the throat out of a fleeing werewolf but will then apologise for getting your rug wet with the unfortunate creature’s blood. Was it just me or did Sookie seem rather …

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