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If you’re already signed up for certain book mailing lists, you’ll have heard about the exciting new initiative we’re starting. When you sign up for designated mailing lists (they’ll be paired with the above graphic), you’ll not only get the latest news on the book, but we’ll also email you a free PDF of book content. There are thirteen excerpts you can download right now and there’s no limit to what you can sign up for, so go crazy if the mood strikes you! Scroll down in the post to see what we have available; we hope you enjoy.


From our back list, you can get excerpts for the following titles (just click on the book titles, and scroll down until you see …

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The Psychology of Twilight Giveaway!

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Since Leah introduced The Psychology of Twilight a few weeks ago, I’m sure many of you have been eager to pick up a copy of Smart Pop’s latest anthology for your own (in time for the big movie release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1).

If you have wanted to read this anthology, today just may be your lucky day. We’re giving away five copies of The Psychology of Twilight to five (randomly selected!) commenters.

We’ll leave this giveaway up through the weekend—in case you’re busy fighting the crowds at the theater instead of sitting at your computer—and announce the winners on Monday. ETA: Deadline for entry extended through Monday at midnight CST! (We’ll announce Tuesday.)

Simply comment with the answer to this Twilight …

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Introducing The Psychology of Twilight

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Each season we announce our new titles individually, each in their own post, to give you a little extra background behind the book. If you’ve missed any, you can check them all out here. Fall 2011’s intro posts are here.


There are a lot of people who are tired of hearing about Twilight. The feedback our sales folks got from a lot of independent bookstores when they were trying to sell in the book was that vampires aren’t really selling anymore– that, even with two Twilight films to go, the Twilight craze, too, had died down. It’s a totally fair point; neither vampires nor Twilight are the hot new thing anymore. But we don’t think that means they’re dead (or even undead) …

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Smart Pop at Comic-Con

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Though our parent publisher BenBella has exhibited at Comic-Con before, this will be Smart Pop’s first year with a booth–and we’re jumping in feet (or is that spines?) first. Jennifer, Heather, and I will be in San Diego for four days (plus preview night!) packed with signings and giveaways for our 2011 titles. You’ll find us at B-4, in the back right corner of the exhibit hall.

You can download our official Comic-Con press release here but we wanted to take some time here to give you guys a sneak peek–not just of the high-profile highlights, but also the various extras that didn’t make the press release . . . plus the opportunities we’ll be making available for those of you following the con …

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Pubsicle contest: Nyx in the House of Night, The Girl Who Was on Fire, AND The Psychology of Twilight giveaways!

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Summer is a great time for reading–be it of the required or beach-type reads–and in light of the sunny afternoons ahead, Smart Pop is kicking off summer vacation with Nyx in the House of Night and The Girl Who Was on Fire giveaways!

Book ImageStarting with the June 2011 House of Night anthology:

This is a great page turner for those of the vampire persuasion (or just vamp lit fans!). Nyx in the House of Night covers all the myths, historical facts, personal details, and religious traditions that make up the Zoey Redbird’s magical world. If that’s not enough, this anthology has new writing from Kristin & P.C. Cast PLUS sapphire blue illustrations that really bring the House of Night to life.

CONTEST — (1 …

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Our Fall 2011 Smart Pop Titles

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Our Fall 2011 Smart Pop titles are already on Amazon and elsewhere, and we’ll be promoting them next week, too, at BEA (see tomorrow’s post) . . . so we wanted to give them an official introduction here, as well. (And as we’ve been doing with our Spring 2011 titles, we’ll give them a more in-depth intro closer to their actual pub date!)

Here are the six new Smart Pop titles to look forward to later this year:



The Psychology of TwilightThe Psychology of Twilight
Edited by E. David Klonsky, PhD, and Alexis Black

Husband and wife Twilight fans David and Alexis worked with us to put together a collection of essays by psychologists on the Twilight Saga, ahead of the November 2011 release of …

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