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Some Emmy Thoughts!

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The Emmys have come and gone and you just know a company devoted to pop culture commentary has some thoughts on who won and who didn’t. (Also on who wore what, but those particular thoughts might be best saved for a different time.)

So, drumroll…

Some Nice Emmy Moments:

  • While I love Glee and can (and often do!) vouch for its awesomeness, seeing Modern Family take a few of the writing awards — and, of course, the best comedy prize — was pretty great as I think it’s one of the best-written shows on tv right now. In fact, I can’t remember laughing as hard or as often as I do at any sitcom since the first few seasons of The Office. (Although Archer

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Love and pop culture, hand-in-hand

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Valentine’s is just a few days away, and we’re curious: do you have any great dating or relationship anecdotes that involve pop culture?

I credit The Office (US version) for breathing life into my relationship with my then-boyfriend, now-husband when we were fresh out of college and ridiculously broke and stressed. Regardless how red our bank account balance appeared, we could count on non-stop, side-splitting laughter every Thursday night. Also, thanks to Top Chef, we now enjoy cooking and eating better, more delicious foods together than we ever did before the Bravo hit came into our lives.

So, tell us, what similar stories do you have of love going hand-in-hand with  a pop culture property?


Additionally, check out this delicious TV bachelor round-up

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