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Supernatural: Reload

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Another great guest post by Amy Berner, who you may remember from her Undercovers post last week.


I feel kind of bad for Supernatural right now. Not only has this perpetually-underrated show been relegated to Fridays, it also has to start itself back up after a season finale five years in the making. I mean, a proxy battle between the Archangel Michael and Lucifer on which the world’s survival hinged is a tough act to follow, don’t you think?

Supernatural was built to be a five season (expanded from an original three-season) story, and the finale of the fifth season was everything I could have wanted from a series finale. The last shot notwithstanding, I was completely satisfied with where the characters ended …

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The perils of publishing pop culture (or, one reason Glee is so good)

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The trouble with publishing books is, of course, that books are static, whereas the subject of books–the real world–keeps insisting on changing. When it comes to pop culture, and particularly when it comes to television, this presents a certain set of challenges. In particular: How do you create a book that feels as current and up-to-date as possible when the plot advances every week?

One answer is you wait for the inevitable hiatus to nail down the content, and hope not too much has changed by the time the book comes out a few months later. We timed our books on The Vampire Diaries and Glee so that the final essays wouldn’t be due until after the season finales and gave them pub dates of …

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In the Hunt winner

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Thanks for all the comments and best episode picks left on our In the Hunt giveaway a couple weeks back. We have a winner (insert drum roll)…


Caitlin, I’ll email you for your address momentarily!


To everyone else, think of Caitlin’s win as a very good reason to pick up your own copy of In the Hunt at a nicely discounted price through Monday only! Buy your copy of In the Hunt today for 50% off the list price (a bargain $7.47) or if you prefer your books in digital form, we have the e-book for just $7.00. Don’t wait!

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Celebrating Supernatural’s 100th Episode

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Supernatural is celebrating a pretty impressive milestone tonight: the show’s 100th episode. That’s a lot of ghosts, monsters, demons, and angels, and a lot of time logged in the Impala.

We’re celebrating this big day for Supernatural because, well, we’re celebrating types but also because we’re still really happy with our Supernatural anthology In the Hunt and today is the perfect opportunity to give a copy away.

From the book’s intro (which is up in its entirety on our site right now):

We Supernatural fans like our heroes to be angsty, but we do still like them to be heroes. We like them to be fighting external demons, too. We still need our fix of all things freaky to get us through the night, after

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Tip #2: More Than Just Story

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It feels weird to be posting this right after the announcement of Dollhouse’s official cancellation. But we’re still planning on doing the book, and so we hope you’re still planning on writing an essay. (A book like this is as fitting a memorial as I can think of for such a weighty, complex show.)

Let me also take a second to remind you, or let you know for the first time, that we’ve added a place on the contest page where you can sign up for updates on the contest and book. We’ll also make sure to remind you when the deadline approaches . . . though if the last episode of Dollhouse airs as hypothesized on January 22, that’ll likely be reminder enough.

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Apocolypse Nowish*

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Whether an inspired retcon, or part of an extremely clever plan, this past episode of Supernatural, “Changing Channels” (5-8),not only added to the richness of the mytharc, but shone a very focused light on what I think will evolve in the rest of the season. Using the conceit of being trapped in a series of television episodes, from an over-the-top color-filled generic laugh-track sitcom, to a Japanese game show, a herpes ad, a brilliant parody of Grey’s Anatomy, and finally, an homage to CSI/procedurals, the writers of Supernatural shows us what’s at stake, giving us oh so many clues as to the final denoument of both the Apocalypse and season five.

When I wrote my essay for In the Hunt

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William Bell = Yellow-Eyed Demon?

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You may have noticed: there’s a lot of television on Thursday nights.  My DVR tapes while I watch, and I still have to visit Hulu if I want to be caught up.

That, I suspect, is why no one’s yet realized: Fringe and Supernatural? Secretly the same show!

Consider the evidence:

Each show has an almost preternaturally earnest main character (Olivia and Sam).

Each show co-stars a Dawson’s Creek alum whose first name begins with the letter J (Joshua Jackson and Jensen Ackles).

And the kicker? William Bell is clearly science fiction’s answer to Supernatural’s Yellow-Eyed Demon.

Both prepared children for a war. Both seem to feel a vaguely creepy attachment for their biggest success. And as it turns out, conducting drug …

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