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Last Friday Night Lights Twitter Party (And Finale Thoughts)

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We had our final Friday Night Lights Twitter party this past Friday night, and aside from the show itself, I’m genuinely going to miss the live-tweet sessions we hosted each Friday. We got the opportunity to know (and also know better) so many Friday Night Lights fans, and talk through so many different plot lines together, from the head-scratching ones (Julie and the TA!) to the heartbreaking (Vince and his dad). As the finale cued up at minute one and then faded at minute ninety, we also got to say goodbye to Dillon, Texas together, which felt so much more fulfilling than saying goodbye alone.

Some highlights from the finale and the final Smart Pop Twitter party!

First, we gave away a handful of …

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Friday Night Lights Episode, 5.8, Twitter Party Recap

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Just in time for a new Friday Night Lights episode tonight, here’s a recap of all the fun Leah and I had last week, tweeting up a storm during our favorite TV drama, with the help of A Friday Night Lights Companion contributor, Robin Wasserman (@robinwasserman).

First note-worthy event of the episode: Coach Taylor swinging a tricycle part at Julie’s sleazy TA, who had the nerve to show up at her door. (The nerve to show up, but the good sense to run away as soon as Eric appeared in the doorway.)

As Leah said, “That was possibly the most threatening use of a pink tricycle part ever.” (Although, admittedly, I said “As badass as Coach is, breaking the TA’s taillight with Gracie Belle’s tricycle …

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Friday Night Lights Episode 5.3, Twitter Party Recap

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This past Friday was twice the fun in Twitterland because Smart Pop live-tweeted the latest episode of Friday Night Lights not once but twice. Here’s what (and who: in particular A Friday Night Lights Companion contributor Paula Rogers, @paulabot, who live-tweeted with us the second hour) you missed if you couldn’t join us:

Leah kicked off the episode acutely noticing a clip from the opening sequence …

Love that credits shot of Tami in blue on the bleachers & Coach in red on the field: great shorthand of their s4 situation. #FNL

… while I (Jennifer) noticed that Tami sure can make cowboy boots work for her in any situation. I wouldn’t normally consider them to be work attire, but Mrs. Taylor …

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A recap of the latest Vampire Diaries episode

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Hey, Vampire Diaries‘ fans: here’s a pretty fantastic (and hilarious!) recap of last week’s new episode by Kiersten White. Enjoy!


This episode is a pretty big event for me.  Normally I watch on my laptop four days after the show airs while my kids entertain themselves with matches and sharp things. (Just kidding, child welfare people–I only let them play with matches under very strict supervision.)

Tonight, however, I’m watching at my in-law’s. On an actual TV! Damon’s eyebrows will be SO BIG I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. Also, they are quaint around here and have no DVR, so at crucial moments I will probably scream “PAUSE! PAUSE!” to no avail. Also, after six years without any …

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Jonna Rubin’s Gleecap!

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Jonna Rubin sent her recap of last night’s Glee episode in late last night, and that was quite impressive. Recaps are no easy thing to put together, so thank you, Jonna! And, now, to the readers, just try not to enjoy this.


Let me just say, before I start, that if this episode makes me like Gwyneth Paltrow, it will be a shocking feat indeed. I am of the Gwyneth, uhhh, haters, if you will, after her remarkably self-absorbed and tone deaf endeavor, Goop. (Go ahead. Google. I’ll wait. Prepare a barf bucket.)

Are you back? Great. Now that you despise her as much as I do, let me also say that the woman has yet to demonstrate any real sense of humor about …

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Bree Despain Recaps The Vampire Diaries “Katerina”

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The Vampire Diaries won’t air a new episode until DECEMBER. If this news upsets you as much as it upset me, you’ll be that much more relieved to re-live the latest episode through Bree Despain‘s funny bulleted highlights below.


I heard of a recent study conducted where a group of researchers compiled millions of tweets and determined that many people (at least on Twitter) appear to be saddest on Thursday nights. Obviously, these people are not watching The Vampire Diaries. How is it possible to be unhappy when partaking in this weekly treat of awesomeness? Don’t these mopes realize that romantic angst, vampires, the occasional town ball or big southern belle dresses, stellar story-telling, and Damon’s “eye thing” equal instant happy pills?

So …

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Glee’s “Never Been Kissed” (Guest Post!)

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Another week, another fantastic guest post. We’re grateful to welcome such talented writers to our blog each week. This week we have Candace Havens discussing the latest Glee installment.


The “Never Been Kissed” episode of Glee has gone into my top-five favorites list. This is one of the times when the writers, producers, and director meshed the teen angst and music with the story in a powerful way. Using three stories about opposites, the show explored what it really means to be an outsider.

The episode began with the Glee kids being divided into girl and boy teams and given an assignment to perform a song meant for the other sex. This led into a story line about the boys trying to “cool off” …

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Claudia Gray Recaps The Vampire Diaries’ “Rose”

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We’re excited to continue sharing guest posts from the contributors of A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls with you. This week, we have something special. A more traditional (and always enjoyable) episode recap from Claudia Gray. It was a good episode to get to relive. So, enjoy!


Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Damon finally got a jump on Katherine, and they BLEW IT by leaving her alive and imprisoned instead of staking her, believing they have trapped her forever and ever and she will never get out. Obviously nobody with a last name other than “Salvatore” believes this, right? Jeremy vindicated the advice of moms throughout the land when, after actually getting his hair out of his face, he …

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Lost Season 6, Episode 8: Recon

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Remember in the Matrix how it involved the search for THE ONE, but then there was a moment where maybe it seemed like Neo was not THE ONE, but you totally never bought that for a second because of course Neo is THE ONE — he is the protagonist! A lot of Hollywood fare revolves around finding THE ONE, but the deck is almost always stacked — you know who THE ONE is; you just wait for everyone else to figure it out. I feel like Lost is maybe a fun twist on this kind of story, spending 6 years in a search for THE ONE, with the added fun that in an ensemble show it really could be a number of people. That does …

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Lost season 6, episode 3: “What Kate Does”

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Geoff Klock, Lost, recaps

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