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Guest Post: The Rocky Horror Glee Show

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We actually have two guest posts — one below and one to go live Monday — from our Filled with Glee contributors on this past Rocky Horror episode. First up, Kristine Kathryn Rusch‘s post.


When the kind folks at Smart Pop asked me to blog on a Glee episode for this season, I specifically asked for the Rocky Horror episode. You see, Rocky Horror is the musical of my people.

My people–as defined here–are the science fiction fan community. Not a dance at a science fiction convention goes by without someone playing “Time Warp.” And we all do it. Again. We sing as we jump to the left. And laugh as we jump to the right. And no one cares who can sing …

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Indecision and the Fan Girl: A Guest Post

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Guest Post by Kristine Kathryn Rusch


Inspired by a similar post the Smart Pop team posted a couple months ago, we’ve asked some of our contributors’ to provide guest posts with their favorite Smart Pop essays selected. First up is the talented Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s picks.


When the kind folks at BenBella asked me to write a blog about my three favorite essays in the Smart Pop series, I said yes. Sounds easy, right? Three favorite. Sure, no problem.

Until I actually sat down to write the blog. Then I realized I had too many favorites.  Three? Just three? Using what criteria? Mine? Really? Mine changes each and every day, depending on my mood. I’ve always had trouble picking favorites of anything. Ask …

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