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Dollhouse Gift Guide (and Giveaway!)

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Dollhouse: gone but (we hope!) not forgotten. And for those still mourning, we have a few gifts this holiday season to ease their suffering.

First up, a few catchphrase-inspired t-shirts.

The first–in standard and “girly” (pictured)–would pair particularly well with a pair of pajama pants. The Medicinal Carrot Enthusiast shirt just made me giggle. And Three Flowers in a Vase, well, there’s no better nod to your favorite Dollhouse fan’s unexpected capacity for deadliness.

Even dolls deserve a little flair: plus, these buttons will help even the least self-aware Doll remember his or her line. This journal could come in handy for recording flashes of one’s previous self.

And there’s always music from the Dollhouse theme song’s singer/songwriter, Jonatha Brooke. …

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Winners

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First, let me say, thank you all for making this essay contest such a great experience. As I mentioned before, we received a ton of great entries, which made the choices hard in the very best way. I continue to be grateful I wasn’t the one to have to make them.

Or, in our judge Jane Espenson’s much more articulate words:

I just wanted to let you know that I found the entries in this contest to be extremely illuminating and heart-warming. I’m delighted that so many people were willing to devote so much time and effort to exploring the deeper aspects of the show. There were so many sharp insights that it was very hard picking out the best four. All of the

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