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Guest Post: Trust Eternal in The Vampire Diaries’ “Klaus”

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Today, we have a guest post on trust in The Vampire Diaries (in general and in light of last week’s episode) by Jon Skovron. Enjoy!


I understand why the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries is called “Klaus.” Much like Katherine in the first season, we’ve been hearing about this guy for eighteen episodes without getting to actually meet him ourselves. But unlike Katherine, until this episode, we didn’t even know what Klaus looked like. We also learn a lot of information about Klaus, including the true nature of the curse. So I get it. The big Klaus reveal. Let’s name it “Klaus.” Sure. But for all that, it didn’t seem to be about Klaus to me at all.

For all the facts …

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Guest Post: Alyx Harvey on the Latest Vampire Diaries’ episode, “The Last Dance”

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If you missed last Thursday’s Vampire Diaries’ episode, GO WATCH IT NOW! Then read Alyxandra Harvey‘s interesting take on the hero v. heroine dilemma highlighted by “The Last Dance.” This blog is an expansion on Alyxandra’s essay “In Which Our Intrepid Heroines Discuss the Merits of the Bad Boy Versus the Reformed Bad Boy” from A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls. Enjoy!


“I will always choose you.”

With those words, Damon blew up the Internet.

I was pretty sure all the fan fiction sites exploded and that the weight of Damon/TVD tweets must have crippled Twitter.

And at the same time, Damon slid along the Hero timeline.


The Salvatore brothers tend to two-step back and forth along the Hero timeline, …

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Glee Guest Post: Lima Losers? Not Anymore.

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For all the Gleeks in the world, read Maria Lima‘s take on why “Original Song” reminded us of why Glee is so great!


They say good things come to those who wait (for all values of “they” that equal the collective cultural consciousness). For Gleeks, those good things came in the most recent episode, “Original Song” (2-16), with a heaping helping of fabulous fan service.

After the highs of season one, season two has been a bit of a meandering ride, less a roller coaster than a gentle boat ride; sometimes Pirates of the Caribbean fun, sometimes It’s a Small World irritating–and the irritating could get as annoying as those tinny tiny voices of the infamous Disney attraction. Weirdly, off-arc episodes such as …

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Rationalizing Dexter

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The season five finale of Dexter is behind us, but (thankfully) we’ll continue to share some thoughts from The Psychology of Dexter contributors over the next few weeks.

Today, we have Wind Goodfriend‘s guest post.


In my chapter of The Psychology of Dexter, written with co-author Chase Barrick, we argued that Dexter is the reigning king of Freudian defense mechanisms. For those readers who haven’t read the chapter or who didn’t take Psych 101 in college, Freud argued that “defense mechanisms” are ways that our minds deceive ourselves to avoid stress, trauma, or anxiety. If we have a memory we can’t deal with, we repress it. If we can’t handle things like an adult, we act like a child, a …

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Clap If You Believe … And You’d Better!

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We have a special guest post today from Jacob Clifton who, most recently, wrote a piece for our True Blood anthology (you can read it in its entirety this week, so be sure to click on that link!).

His guest post today is about faeries — historically, in other literature and art, and in True Blood, too.


Many of us probably rolled our eyes when Bill Compton finally told Sookie the big secret about her part-fairy lineage, because when we think of fairies we think of Tinkerbell and her buds: pretty, tiny chicks with wings and short skirts, floating around in balls of light. But we’ll learn in the next season that we don’t really know anything about fairies. In fact, we’ve already seen …

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Our Last Vampire Diaries Recap of 2010

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I wish I could force my favorite shows to produce year-round new episodes just for me. That’s not too much to ask, right? Sadly that’s not the case (yet), so we have to wait until the end of January for new episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Enjoy the last recap of 2010 by Vera Nazarian.


The episode opens with Tyler at home, getting ready and packing for his Full Moon Vacation and Werewolf Bar Mitzvah — ahem — first transformation night and watching Mason’s recorded video on the laptop as he is transforming into a wolf. He calls Mason’s phone for the hundredth time and gets his voicemail. Meanwhile we see Mason’s place and there is a woman who steps out of …

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Real Love Among Monsters (And Victims): The Reinvention of Dexter in Season Five

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With the fifth season of Dexter riveting viewers, and the (sure-to-be-talked-about) finale just up ahead, it’s a treat to have a guest post from Tamara Greenburg, one of our contributors  to The Psychology of Dexter.


“Despite having considered myself a monster for as long as I can remember, it still comes as a shock when I am confronted with the depth of evil that exists in this world.” (Dexter, Season 5, “In the Beginning.”)

Though some thought that the Showtime series, Dexter, could not top its brilliant last season, the writing and acting in the fifth installment of the nail-biting show have surpassed my expectations. Dexter has a new partner in crime, Lumen (played by the incredible Julia Stiles), and …

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Dexter: In One Episode, Mental Health Skyrockets

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Here’s a guest post from Jeremy Clyman whose Psychology of Dexter essay is “The Angels on His Shoulder.” Enjoy!


In my chapter of the recently released Psychology of Dexter I focused on the positive people in Dexter’s environment and how those voices helped shape an increasingly accurate, adaptive, and optimistic inner world for the lovable serial killer. Season after season, Dexter has had to fight off devilish voices (stemming from traumatic experiences and relationships with dysfunctional others), and inch slowly and circuitously toward a mentally healthier life.

Finally, in season five, episode nine (Teenage Wasteland) we have a tipping point of sorts. The good kind. Dexter’s step-daughter, Astor, is back in town and she’s not doing so well. She’s drinking, she’s shop-lifting, …

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Jonna Rubin’s Gleecap!

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Jonna Rubin sent her recap of last night’s Glee episode in late last night, and that was quite impressive. Recaps are no easy thing to put together, so thank you, Jonna! And, now, to the readers, just try not to enjoy this.


Let me just say, before I start, that if this episode makes me like Gwyneth Paltrow, it will be a shocking feat indeed. I am of the Gwyneth, uhhh, haters, if you will, after her remarkably self-absorbed and tone deaf endeavor, Goop. (Go ahead. Google. I’ll wait. Prepare a barf bucket.)

Are you back? Great. Now that you despise her as much as I do, let me also say that the woman has yet to demonstrate any real sense of humor about …

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Bree Despain Recaps The Vampire Diaries “Katerina”

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The Vampire Diaries won’t air a new episode until DECEMBER. If this news upsets you as much as it upset me, you’ll be that much more relieved to re-live the latest episode through Bree Despain‘s funny bulleted highlights below.


I heard of a recent study conducted where a group of researchers compiled millions of tweets and determined that many people (at least on Twitter) appear to be saddest on Thursday nights. Obviously, these people are not watching The Vampire Diaries. How is it possible to be unhappy when partaking in this weekly treat of awesomeness? Don’t these mopes realize that romantic angst, vampires, the occasional town ball or big southern belle dresses, stellar story-telling, and Damon’s “eye thing” equal instant happy pills?

So …

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