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“Share Your Glee” winners

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Thanks for all your sharing your great entries to our “Share Your Glee” contest. Reading your stories about how Glee‘s characters and music have touched your life was (much like Glee itself) even more affecting than I expected.

You’ll get to read a few of them yourselves this fall. Specifically, submissions from:

Debbie Duncan
Suzan Hyssen
S.R. Johannes
Caitlin Marceau
Maria Mora
Jacob Sanchez

Congratulations to all of you!

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Share Your Glee

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If you’ve glanced a few inches upwards here at, you may have noticed a banner change: from our black Dollhouse contest banner to a (fittingly bright!) green banner calling attention to our upcoming Smart Pop on Glee–and your chance to be a part of it.

We’re asking Glee fans to share your Glee: to tell us how Glee has impacted your life, from the silly to the sublime. We’ll publish your stories alongside the book’s essays and special reference sections. (The book’s scheduled for release this fall; more details to come!)

We have another month to wait before we get more Glee; have to use that time for something, right?…

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Your Dollhouse Contest Entries: A totally unscientific breakdown

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I’ve spent a lot of time this week with your Dollhouse contest entries. And while we’re a ways off from announcing winners, there are a few things I can share now about the essays we’ve received.

(A caveat: The figures below are in no way scientific. They’re the result of my very fallible note-taking, and they should be used for entertainment purposes only!)

We received almost 100 essays, in total. Just about every entry received had something great going for it: an inspiring, creative idea or great writing. And we’re going to have a hard time narrowing them down. I don’t envy Ms. Espenson her work! 

A very shoddy gender breakdown, derived solely from name-based assumptions:

  • At least 54% of the entries

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Tip #3: Be Passionate

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This is your final Dollhouse essay contest tip, since essays are due February 15. If you’re already putting the finishing touches on your essay–or have already finished and sent yours in–great! We can’t wait to read it! But if you’re still working on finding just the right angle for all those thoughts you’ve put down on paper, or if you’ve finished your draft but feel like something’s still not quite right, maybe this last tip will help.

Maybe this goes without saying, but the place every great Smart Pop essay starts is with passion: passion not just for the show or book series, but for the idea that drives the essay.

You’re already passionate about Dollhouse, or you wouldn’t be writing an essay in …

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Q&A

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We’ve gotten a lot of great questions the last few weeks, and wanted to share a few that may have occurred to you, too.

Q. The rules say essays should be submitted as a text document. Does that mean a .txt file?

A. We’ll take .txt, .doc, .rtf . . . pretty much, if we can open it with Word, we’ll accept it.

Q. What do you mean when you say “alternate way to contact” me?

A. Phone number, mailing address, another email–basically, if we can’t get in touch with you using the email you sent your entry from, we don’t want to have to give up.

Q. Can I co-write an essay with someone else?

A. Absolutely! Just make sure you …

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Update: Deadline Extended!

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The original Dollhouse essay deadline was February 1. The final episode of Dollhouse airs January 22. Seemed like a shame, not giving essay writers enough time to really take that final episode into account.

So we’ve extended the deadline two weeks.

Dollhouse essays are now due on February 15.

Happy writing!…

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Tip #2: More Than Just Story

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It feels weird to be posting this right after the announcement of Dollhouse’s official cancellation. But we’re still planning on doing the book, and so we hope you’re still planning on writing an essay. (A book like this is as fitting a memorial as I can think of for such a weighty, complex show.)

Let me also take a second to remind you, or let you know for the first time, that we’ve added a place on the contest page where you can sign up for updates on the contest and book. We’ll also make sure to remind you when the deadline approaches . . . though if the last episode of Dollhouse airs as hypothesized on January 22, that’ll likely be reminder enough.

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Sign Up For Dollhouse Contest Updates and Reminder

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We’ve just done something we really should have thought of doing from the start: added a form on the Dollhouse Essay Contest page where you can put in your email to automatically receive

  • updates on the contest and book (including the first look at the cover)
  • notice that we’ve posted another essay tip on the blog
  • a reminder a couple of weeks before Feb 1 so you don’t miss the deadline

It’s right up at the top and hard to miss; just go to our contest page, enter your email, and hit submit!

Hope your essays are going well!…

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Dollhouse Essay Contest Tip #1: Surprise Us

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At various points from now until February 1, I’ll be posting tips for those of you thinking of entering our essay contest. Following any or all of these tips doesn’t guarantee anything, of course–but it can’t hurt!

When you’re dealing with any show or book or film, there are some ideas that are kind of obvious: the X-Men uses metaphor to explore real-world prejudices; Buffy was about female empowerment; Dollhouse asks questions about the nature of the self.

This doesn’t mean these topics make for bad essays; great writing or novel insights can make ideas that would otherwise feel like old news seem new again. But it does mean that it’ll be harder for your essay to distinguish itself, since you probably won’t be the …

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