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Guest Post: Kiersten White Recaps the Latest Vampire Diaries’ episode, “The House Guest”

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Calling all Vampire Diaries fanatics: Enjoy this witty recap of last week’s new episode by Kiersten White!


Prepping to do my no-DVR, fingers-blazing recap, I’m so excited to actually watch the show on the day it airs instead of the next Monday when it comes online. Honestly, you East coast viewers. I can’t go on Twitter Thursday night without seeing tweet after tweet of OMG VAMPIRE DIARIES. So at least this time I don’t have to wait the whole weekend to see what you all are OMGing about. (Although I personally never OMG, preferring the non-denominational ACRONYM.)

Previously–who is my favorite character because she’s always so helpful–announces what happened before on The Vampire Diaries. Elena and Katherine: Long straight hair = GOOD. …

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