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Nyx in the House of Night Giveaway!

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The ninth House of Night book, Destined, came out last month, and by now we figure you’re probably looking for your next House of Night fix; we’ve got a giveaway that should do the trick!

Five winners will receive:

  • a copy of Nyx in the House of Night signed by both P.C. and Kristin Cast
  • a gorgeous illustrated print of the goddess Nyx signed by the artist, Alan Torrance (check it out above)
  • and, as a little extra, a NYX cosmetics Slim Eye Pencil in sapphire (NO relation to the series; just a great coincidence!)

(We support everyone’s right to wear eyeliner, regardless of gender. But it’s also the perfect color for drawing on a Fledgling tattoo for the next book release party!)

To …

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The Psychology of Twilight Giveaway!

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Since Leah introduced The Psychology of Twilight a few weeks ago, I’m sure many of you have been eager to pick up a copy of Smart Pop’s latest anthology for your own (in time for the big movie release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1).

If you have wanted to read this anthology, today just may be your lucky day. We’re giving away five copies of The Psychology of Twilight to five (randomly selected!) commenters.

We’ll leave this giveaway up through the weekend—in case you’re busy fighting the crowds at the theater instead of sitting at your computer—and announce the winners on Monday. ETA: Deadline for entry extended through Monday at midnight CST! (We’ll announce Tuesday.)

Simply comment with the answer to this Twilight …

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Contest: Chance to Dance for You Giveaway

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Chance to Dance for YouAmazon | B&N | Borders

We’ve got one copy of Gail Sidonie Sobat’s new book, Chance to Dance for You, up for grabs!  To enter to win, just comment on this post before midnight on Thursday, June 9, EST; we’ll announce the winner the next day. (Note: this contest is open to U.S. and Canadian readers only.)

You can also read an excerpt from the book here!



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Shift Giveaway Winners

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We’ve got a lot of winners to announce this afternoon; five people will be getting copies of Jeri Smith-Ready’s Shift! Without further ado, the winners are . . .


Alice Smith

Sab H.

Dawn M.




Congratulations to all of you! I’ll email you ASAP so we can get your prizes shipped out. Thanks to everyone who entered, and don’t forget to check back soon for even more new contests and content.…

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Defiance Giveaway Winner

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Not one, but TWO lucky winners will be receiving copies of Lili St. Crow’s latest Strange Angels novel, Defiance! Winner number one is . . .



And winner number two is . . .



Congratulations to you both! We’ll email you shortly to get your shipping information. And if you entered but didn’t win, check back tomorrow for another awesome contest.…

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We’ll Always Have Summer Giveaway Winner

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We have a couple of winners to announce today! First, the person taking home a copy of Jenny Han’s We’ll Always Have Summer is . . .



Next, the family winner never claimed their prize. That means the new winner is . . .

April X!

Congrats to both winners! I’ll be in touch soon through email to get your shipping information. For more contests, check out our current giveaway of Lili St. Crow’s newest Strange Angels book, Defiance–we’re giving away two copies!…

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Contest: Defiance Giveaway

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DefianceAmazon | B&N | Borders

If the Defiance excerpt and our interview with the book’s author, Lili St. Crow, left you wanting more, then you’re in luck: we’re giving away two copies of Defiance!  To enter to win a copy just comment on this post before midnight on Monday, May 16, EST; we’ll announce the winners the next day. (Note: this contest is open to U.S. and Canadian readers only.)

Check out the book trailer below, and click here to visit the Strange Angels website and learn more about the other books in the series.



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Dollhouse Essay Contest Winners

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First, let me say, thank you all for making this essay contest such a great experience. As I mentioned before, we received a ton of great entries, which made the choices hard in the very best way. I continue to be grateful I wasn’t the one to have to make them.

Or, in our judge Jane Espenson’s much more articulate words:

I just wanted to let you know that I found the entries in this contest to be extremely illuminating and heart-warming. I’m delighted that so many people were willing to devote so much time and effort to exploring the deeper aspects of the show. There were so many sharp insights that it was very hard picking out the best four. All of the

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