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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap + Giveaway

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A couple weeks ago we headed to San Diego for our fourth year of exhibiting at Comic-Con. It was equal parts exciting and busy, which you probably know all too well if you’ve ever been to the show, but it was ultimately another great year of introducing Smart Pop Books to new potential readers while having the wonderful opportunity of reconnecting with past readers and contributors.


Comic-Con was the official launch of our 2014 Smart Pop Sampler, and it was such a treat to hand out copies early in the show only to hear positive feedback from readers a day or two later! If you’re feeling a little jealous of this freebie,  you can actually download a free electronic version on your e-reader of …

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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SDCCIt’s that time of year again, although we can hardly believe it. Time for San Diego Comic-Con! As we frantically finish up a million to-dos, we wanted to share what we’ll be up to at this year’s convention. Click/scroll onward to see where you can find us in the convention center this year, what we’ll be up to, and what we’re giving away.

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Location (#4300 – Exhibit Hall, Entrance F)

WednesdayWe’re sharing booth space again with Friend of Smart Pop Jamie Chambers and his Signal Fire Studios, which means we’ll be back front and audience-left-of-center in the exhibit hall, right at door F, at Booth #4300. We’ll be the front …

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San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Recap

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Last month we made the trek to San Diego for our third year of exhibiting at Comic-Con. It was a busy and exciting time, and though we’re about a month out from the convention’s end, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments (better late than never, right?).

  • Seeing the stacks of our Smart Pop Preview 2013 fly off the table, and end up in the hands of folks waiting in line for panels. (Did you know that you can download a free electronic version on your e-reader of choice? Just click here.)
  • Hanging out and talking fic at the Organization for Transformative Works party
  • In-booth signings with Ned VizziniV. Arrow, Molly Quinn, Bonnie Burton, and Anne Wheaton
  • The “Why

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San Diego Comic-Con 2013

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It’s July again, and that means one thing around here at Smart Pop: frantically finishing up packing for San Diego Comic-Con. Click/scroll onward to see where you can find us in the convention center this year, what we’ll be up to, and what we’re giving away.

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Location (#4300 – Exhibit Hall, Entrance F)

We’re sharing booth space again with Friend of Smart Pop Jamie Chambers and his Signal Fire Studios, which means we’ll be back front and audience-left-of-center in the exhibit hall, right at door F, at Booth #4300.

Once again, we’ll be listed in two places in the exhibit hall guide and

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Smart Pop Writers at San Diego Comic-Con

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Here at Smart Pop, we’re about to depart for California, to get everything ready for Comic-Con later this week. As a final pre-convention gift, we wanted to leave you with a list of our panel highlights: panels featuring Smart Pop writers!

(You can also see a list of these, along with some other panels we’re particularly interested in, and all the details at our official Comic-Con MySchedule page.)

If we didn’t need to be at the booth, these are the places we’d be.



“Battlestar: So Say We All” — 10:30 am — 6BCF
Jane Espenson, Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch

“Once More, with Comics” — 12 pm — 26AB
Jane Espenson

“The Dark Knight Rises: Is Batman Broken?” — 2:30 pm …

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San Diego Comic-Con 2012

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Headed to SDCC next month? Hey, us too!

Here’s where to find us at Comic-Con, what we’re up to, and what we’re giving away.

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Location, Location, Location (#4300)

This year, thanks of Friend of Smart Pop Jamie Chambers, we’ll be front and audience-left-of-center in the exhibit hall, at Booth #4300.

We’re excited about this for multiple reasons:

  1. The company (we’re sharing space with Jamie’s Signal Fire Studios and Dead Gentleman Productions)
  2. We’ll be only twenty feet from Starbucks
  3. We’ll be a lot easier for you to find!

We’re listed in two places in the exhibit hall guide, and you’ll still be able to pick up a sampler from our table …

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Comic-Con Winner Announcements!

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We have a lot of winners to announce this morning, which should at least make Monday more enjoyable for a few of you!

As a reminder, all the giveaways we recently held at Comic-Con and for our readers at home were listed in this post.

Winners from Comic-Con!

  • Triumph of The Walking Dead print: John Gonzalez
  • Nyx in the House of Night print: Jose Silva
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory T-shirt: Abby Campanella
  • Full 2011 line: Jazzmin Boyd and Eric Hvinden

At-home Winners:

  • One person signed up for weekly emails will win entire 2011 line:







  • Two Smart Pop booth pack winners (these were drawn from comments on the aforementioned Comic-Con post and also from anyone

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Smart Pop at Comic-Con

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Though our parent publisher BenBella has exhibited at Comic-Con before, this will be Smart Pop’s first year with a booth–and we’re jumping in feet (or is that spines?) first. Jennifer, Heather, and I will be in San Diego for four days (plus preview night!) packed with signings and giveaways for our 2011 titles. You’ll find us at B-4, in the back right corner of the exhibit hall.

You can download our official Comic-Con press release here but we wanted to take some time here to give you guys a sneak peek–not just of the high-profile highlights, but also the various extras that didn’t make the press release . . . plus the opportunities we’ll be making available for those of you following the con …

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Smart Pop’s Comic Con recap (part one)

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You may have noticed the Smart Pop blog fell a little quiet last week, and that’s because the Smart Pop team (Leah and Jennifer) flew out to San Diego, to participate in Comic-Con, a little-known* convention held in San Diego every year.


We had quite the time meeting some past and current contributors and readers, attending loads of television panels to see what our favorite shows have in store for us this fall (and what new and exciting shows we can expect to be dazzled by), and passing out some awesome promotional materials for our Glee, True Blood, and Dollhouse anthologies.

Here are the highlights of the show from our viewpoint:

  • The Transmedia Entertainment panel we attended early Thursday and given

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Smart Pop at Comic-Con

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Leah and I will be at Comic-Con this year, and we hope we see you there. It’s the perfect setting to talk about what we do and why we do it with some fans of our books and of the properties we write about.

Since we officially launched our imprint this past January, we missed the chance to secure our own table at the event. So we’re on the lookout for anyone who has a booth/table and is interested in sharing (both space and, bonus, cost, too).

If sharing your space and the bill is something you’d be interested in doing, please let us know. We’d be happy to partner up.

Regardless, we’ll be at the show and we hope to see you there.…

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