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Gary Westfahl on “Back to the Egg”

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Beyond the Wall contributor Gary Westfahl shares his thoughts on his essay, “Back to the Egg,” below.

As a critic, my natural impulse is always to go where other critics rarely go, so when Jim Lowder invited me to write an essay about George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, I immediately thought about examining its most obscure elements–the three prequels that Martin had written about the characters of Dunk and Egg. Why, I wondered, would an author in the midst of crafting a vast fantasy epic bother to write prequels, which could only serve to further delay its completion? Why, for that matter, did so many other fantasy writers similarly dabble in prequels? These seemed like questions worth exploring, and …

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An Event of Ice and Fire

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an-event-of-ice-and-fire-graphicWith Game of Thrones finished for the season, and the release date for The Winds of Winter yet to be announced, Winter Is Already Here for Song of Ice and Fire fans: and Beyond the Wall, out today, is here to help ease your wait for the return to Westeros.

As you may have read in editor James Lowder‘s guest post here, Beyond the Wall is Smart Pop’s new anthology all about George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. And to celebrate today being the official publication date, we’ve gathered contributor thoughts and commentary on their essays and the book, links to Beyond the Wall giveaways from around the 7 Kingdoms ( . . . or just the …

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