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If you’re already signed up for certain book mailing lists, you’ll have heard about the exciting new initiative we’re starting. When you sign up for designated mailing lists (they’ll be paired with the above graphic), you’ll not only get the latest news on the book, but we’ll also email you a free PDF of book content. There are thirteen excerpts you can download right now and there’s no limit to what you can sign up for, so go crazy if the mood strikes you! Scroll down in the post to see what we have available; we hope you enjoy.


From our back list, you can get excerpts for the following titles (just click on the book titles, and scroll down until you see …

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Smart Pop at Comic-Con

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Though our parent publisher BenBella has exhibited at Comic-Con before, this will be Smart Pop’s first year with a booth–and we’re jumping in feet (or is that spines?) first. Jennifer, Heather, and I will be in San Diego for four days (plus preview night!) packed with signings and giveaways for our 2011 titles. You’ll find us at B-4, in the back right corner of the exhibit hall.

You can download our official Comic-Con press release here but we wanted to take some time here to give you guys a sneak peek–not just of the high-profile highlights, but also the various extras that didn’t make the press release . . . plus the opportunities we’ll be making available for those of you following the con …

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Guest Post: Bree Despain & Heidi R. Kling on The Vampire Diaries’ Season Two Finale “As I Lay Dying”

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With all the season finales piling up, I really hope the summer offers us some great new drama while we wait (toes tapping and A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls in hand) for The Vampire Diaries season three to arrive.

This finale, “As I Lay Dying,” was phenomenal—definitely worth a second watch. But pause that DVR while A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls contributors Bree Despain and Heidi R. Kling dissect this episode (and predict what’s to come next season)!

(Also, seriously, don’t miss their finger puppet episode re-enactment. The video’s embedded below!)

Bree: Ok, let’s jump into business. Oh my goodness, what did you think of that very first scene where Damon shows up in Elena’s house to apologize for trying …

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Top Ten Best Moments of Last Week’s “The Sun Also Rises” Vampire Diaries Episode

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There are many spoilers in this list, so stop now if you haven’t watched last weeks thrilling Vampire Diaries episode yet. (Although what on earth are you waiting for? Go! Watch! Return promptly!)

So, drumroll . . .

10. Damon referring to his “bucket list” in his opening scene with Katherine. What would be on that list, do you think? Mastering every smoldering look imaginable? (He’s nearly there!)

9. Jenna’s first “vampire eyes” scene. It’s powerful stuff, and while no one was particularly thrilled by this turn of events, I’d guess, I was still glad Sara Canning got some great scenes this episode.

8. Klaus in general. We hate him, yes, very much, but he’s still kind of delicious, isn’t he?

(Aside: Does anyone else …

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Guest Post: Vera Nazarian’s recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Last Day”

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TVD fans enjoy Vera Nazarian‘s quippy recap of episode 2-20, “The Last Day,” a truly turn-everything-upside-down-and-leave-us-hanging-from-a-cliff episode.


Wow, we’re still kind of reeling from last week’s episode shockers. Matt and Caroline’s mother, the sheriff, are in cahoots, working together in secret … Elijah and Klaus are brothers … And Elijah is kinda hot and has a great weird sexy tension thing going on with Elena. The sun and moon curse is a fake that Klaus made up! Klaus is kinda hot and has a hot sexy tension thing going on with–ok, with lots of people…

Talk about food for wild obsession!

And now we come to this week’s goodies. So let’s recap!

* * *

Damon is lying in bed thinking, while downstairs, …

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Guest Post: Trust Eternal in The Vampire Diaries’ “Klaus”

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Today, we have a guest post on trust in The Vampire Diaries (in general and in light of last week’s episode) by Jon Skovron. Enjoy!


I understand why the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries is called “Klaus.” Much like Katherine in the first season, we’ve been hearing about this guy for eighteen episodes without getting to actually meet him ourselves. But unlike Katherine, until this episode, we didn’t even know what Klaus looked like. We also learn a lot of information about Klaus, including the true nature of the curse. So I get it. The big Klaus reveal. Let’s name it “Klaus.” Sure. But for all that, it didn’t seem to be about Klaus to me at all.

For all the facts …

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Contest: The Iron Witch Giveaway

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The Iron WitchAmazon | B&N | Borders

Not only can you read our interview with Karen Mahoney and her Vampire Diaries essay, “Dear Diary . . .”, but now you can enter win her new book, The Iron Witch! We’re giving away a copy to one lucky reader. To enter to win, just comment on this post before midnight on Wednesday, March 30, EST; we’ll announce the winner the next day.

You can read an excerpt from The Iron Witch here and a description of the book below. Good luck to all entrants!

Book Description

Freak. That’s what her classmates call seventeen-year-old Donna Underwood. When she was seven, a horrific fey attack killed her father and drove her mother mad. Donna’s own nearly fatal injuries …

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Guest Post: Kiersten White Recaps the Latest Vampire Diaries’ episode, “The House Guest”

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Calling all Vampire Diaries fanatics: Enjoy this witty recap of last week’s new episode by Kiersten White!


Prepping to do my no-DVR, fingers-blazing recap, I’m so excited to actually watch the show on the day it airs instead of the next Monday when it comes online. Honestly, you East coast viewers. I can’t go on Twitter Thursday night without seeing tweet after tweet of OMG VAMPIRE DIARIES. So at least this time I don’t have to wait the whole weekend to see what you all are OMGing about. (Although I personally never OMG, preferring the non-denominational ACRONYM.)

Previously–who is my favorite character because she’s always so helpful–announces what happened before on The Vampire Diaries. Elena and Katherine: Long straight hair = GOOD. …

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Guest Post: Jennifer Lynn Barnes is Back To Rave About Caroline

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It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed recaps of our favorite teen vampire show, The Vampire Diaries, but we have a fun one to kick off 2011. Jennifer Barnes, who you may remember from the awesome recap of last season, is back to talk about Caroline, werewolves, and Veronica Mars?


My reaction to last week’s episode of Vampire Diaries, “Crying Wolf,” can best be described in three points:

#1: For all that is good and chocolatey in this world, SOMEONE TELL JENNA ABOUT VAMPIRES. I’m looking at you, Alaric. Even if Ambiguously Evil Daddy John wasn’t threatening to tell her himself, the woman is a menace about inviting people in. Someone should have given her a tutorial on vampires six …

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Our Last Vampire Diaries Recap of 2010

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I wish I could force my favorite shows to produce year-round new episodes just for me. That’s not too much to ask, right? Sadly that’s not the case (yet), so we have to wait until the end of January for new episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Enjoy the last recap of 2010 by Vera Nazarian.


The episode opens with Tyler at home, getting ready and packing for his Full Moon Vacation and Werewolf Bar Mitzvah — ahem — first transformation night and watching Mason’s recorded video on the laptop as he is transforming into a wolf. He calls Mason’s phone for the hundredth time and gets his voicemail. Meanwhile we see Mason’s place and there is a woman who steps out of …

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