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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Assorted Geekery

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As geeks with discerning taste ourselves, we know they can be hard to shop for.

Whether you’re buying gifts for a Potterhead, Whedonite, Twi-hard, or Trekkie–or something that’s too geeky to name–we’ve got the perfect pick.

Harry Potter

  1. The Psychology of Harry Potter. Get inside Harry’s head, with professional help. [From Smart Pop]
  2. Accio Keys Keychain. Know someone who’s always losing their keys? They won’t be able to put down this eye-catching keychain.
  3. Golden Snitch Bracelet. 150 points to whoever wears this bracelet.
  4. Deathly Hallows Necklace. The Deathly Hallows may have originated as a children’s tale, but this necklace will delight Harry fans of all ages.
  5. Harry Potter Lightning Glasses Ring. Give the gift of a (removable) lightning scar.


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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Hunger Games

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We don’t know if they have a winter gift-giving occasion in Panem.

But just in case, we’ve put together a (less deadly) cornucopia of gifts for the Hunger Games fans in your life–all of which can be obtained from the safety of your own home. Because let’s face it–the closer we get to Christmas, the more the mall starts looking like a Hunger Games arena.


  1. The Panem Companion. Shameless self-promotion: our brand new Hunger Games companion, written by V. Arrow (the creator of this super-cool map of Panem), comes out December 4! The grad-school class of Hunger Games books, it answers the hardcore fan’s most burning questions about Panem.
  2. Rue’s Song Print. For the musical Hunger Games fan, this print features the

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The Mortal Instruments

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Does the Clave have a position on the December holidays?

For us, they’re  a time when people are supposed to come together and put aside their differences, and that’s a sentiment with which we think our favorite Shadowhunters and Downworlders would wholeheartedly agree. So we’ve put together a set of gifts for the Mortal Instruments-loving mundane on your list. (Plus, it’s probably pretty hard to find time to shop when you’re busy, you know, saving the world.)

PLEASE NOTE: This gift guide includes official Mortal Instruments merchandise, but also a few endeavors NOT ENDORSED by Cassandra Clare. We’ve marked the official products accordingly, below.

  1. DIY Temporary Tattoos. Use this printable tattoo paper to make runes for your favorite Shadowhunter–no stele required!
  2. Runes Leather

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Hate Fifty Shades of Grey

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Do you feel like you’re being mentally flogged every time Fifty Shades is mentioned (which, let’s face it, is all the time)?

Shopping for someone who sees the Red Room of Pain whenever Christian Grey’s name comes up? Here are some gift ideas that show you feel their pain.


  1. Some good erotica. Know someone who resents Fifty’s claim to erotica fame? Here are some erotica titles they’ll actually enjoy: Bared to You by Sylvia Day; Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace SeriesThe Siren by Tiffany Reisz. (There’s also a whole recommended reading list in the back of Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey!)
  2. Fifty Shames of Earl Grey. One of the most popular Fifty Shades parodies, it’s sure to elicit

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Love Fifty Shades of Grey

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Let’s face it: Most of us do not have Christian Grey’s budget.

Looking for a reasonably priced gift for your Fifty Shades-loving friend? (I.e., something less expensive than a $14,000 edition of Tess of the D’Ubervilles.) We aim to please!


  1. We Aim to Please Bracelet. This silver cuff (made from aluminum) is sure to elicit a “Holy crap!” from a jewelry lover.
  2. Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey. Continuing the shameless self-promotion: Smart Pop’s anthology on the Fifty Shades trilogy “has a little bit of something for everyone,” as Publishers Weekly noted in their review. We recommend flagging these essays for your Fifty loving friend!
  3. Gray Silk Tie. No explanation necessary. (It could also serve double duty as

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

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Winter is coming . . . but so is the holiday gifting season.

Is your present situation looking dire(wolves)? That space under the tree looking kind of, well, Stark? Do you have a list laden with Lannisters?

We have the gift guide for you!


  1. Direwolf Wrapround Scarf. Perfect for warming your friends who live in the cold north. (Would also look great wrapped around a package as decoration!)
  2. Beyond the Wall. Shameless self-promotion: Smart Pop’s anthology on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is a must-read for fans waiting for the next installment (because who knows when that will be?).
  3. Game of Thrones Map Locket. Choose the landmark featured in your locket, whether it’s Kings

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