Star Wars on Trial: Charge #7

By October 16th, 2015

Women in Star Wars Are Portrayed as Fundamentally Weak

For the Prosecution: Jeanne Cavelos
For the Defense: Bill Spangler

Jeanne Cavelos writes that both Princess Leia and Queen Amidala initially appear to be heroic, compelling characters, however throughout their respective trilogies their power slips away in favor of the male characters’ development. She also writes that many elements of the female characters’ plots are “told, not shown,” as their stories were believed to be “unimportant to the larger plot.”

Bill Spangler makes the point that in A New Hope, the male characters simply “tag along on [Leia’s] adventure.” He also believes that Amidala’s “fallibility adds depth to her character.”

Now it’s your turn—discuss this charge in the comments below by drawing from your own Star Wars expertise and utilizing new evidence from The Force Awakens. And be sure to always be respectful of your fellow Star Wars fans!

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