Star Wars on Trial: Charge #5

By October 16th, 2015
Charge Five

Star Wars Has Dumbed Down the Perception of Science Fiction in the Popular Imagination

For the Prosecution: Tanya Huff
For the Defense: Richard Garfinkle

Tanya Huff claims that Star Wars has inaccurately become “a shorthand definition for science fiction.” She states that the movie tie-ins have “wiped out any literary merit science fiction had gained in the minds of the general public” and reminds us there are now “adults, with children of their own, who have never lived in a world where science fiction wasn’t reeling under the weight of Star Wars.”

Richard Garfinkle counters that “Star Wars has given [SF writers] useful shorthand,” making their books more accessible to the wider public and allowing the authors more “room to work” beyond basic explanations.

Now it’s your turn—discuss this charge in the comments below by drawing from your own Star Wars expertise and utilizing new evidence from The Force Awakens. And be sure to always be respectful of your fellow Star Wars fans!

What is your judgment on Charge #5?

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