Smart Pop’s Comic Con recap (part one)

By July 27th, 2010 3 Comments

You may have noticed the Smart Pop blog fell a little quiet last week, and that’s because the Smart Pop team (Leah and Jennifer) flew out to San Diego, to participate in Comic-Con, a little-known* convention held in San Diego every year.


We had quite the time meeting some past and current contributors and readers, attending loads of television panels to see what our favorite shows have in store for us this fall (and what new and exciting shows we can expect to be dazzled by), and passing out some awesome promotional materials for our Glee, True Blood, and Dollhouse anthologies.

Here are the highlights of the show from our viewpoint:

  • The Transmedia Entertainment panel we attended early Thursday and given by the very-fascinating Henry Jenkins
  • The buzz surrounding the pilot screening of The Event (did you see it? what did you think, if so?)
  • Showtime’s Anti-hero panel
  • Seeing the Smart Pop sampler on the Freebie table (did you get your copy?)
  • The following panels that were fun, interesting, and filled with just the right amount of spoilers: Dexter, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, and Glee. (What was your favorite panel?)
  • All the great panel moderators, including Tim Stack and Wil Wheaton. Great energy on the stage!
  • The San Diego downtown area in general, along with the easy-to-navigate trolley system
  • And, of course, the Smart Pop meet-and-greet party at the House of Blues Saturday night (which will be covered in a part two post with pictures!)

If we got to meet you at the show, we’re so glad, and we’re already planning how to make our presence bigger and better at next year’s show. If we didn’t get to meet you, we look forward to the chance when we do!

If you were there, what was your favorite part?

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3 Comments On "Smart Pop’s Comic Con recap (part one)"

  1. Karen Mahoney

    *waves* I’m looking forward to part 2 with the photos! :)

    I really wish I could’ve been there… but… maybe one day. Like Maria Lima, it’s a long held ambition to get to SDCC. I know she made it this year, but I have a bit further to travel (heh).


    p.s. Just a suggestion, is there any chance you’d change the blog RSS feed to the ‘full’ feed? Right now you only have it set to to a few lines, and most people don’t like those as it means we can’t read it in our Google Reader in full. I never subscribe to partial feeds, and have to remember to pop by here from time to time.


  2. Maria Lima

    I can’t believe I never saw you guys!!! Was all set to come to the party at House of Blues, then my dinner went overtime (due to slow service) – didn’t get through until nearly 11. :(

    One day, we shall all meet!!

    Maria (still overwhelmed)


  3. Jennifer K. Stuller

    I wish I’d known you were at Henry’s presentation! Wasn’t he amazing?

    Anyway, it was good to meet you both – thanks for being great hosts!!!


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