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By December 3rd, 2010 36 Comments

We’re huge fans of Red and Vee with (@tvdnews)–not just because they’re the (awesome!) editors to our Vampire Diaries anthology, A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls*, but because they’re just so much fun.

For instance, they’re hosting half of a very cool giveaway on their site today and the other half is right here.

See, we have this fantastic cover for A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls and we’re giving away not only a copy of the book today but also items that are ON the cover–straight from the cover photo shoot.


At our site, we’re giving away some really cool war-era stationary from Monahan Papers:

There will be one winner here and another winner over at (just a heads-up, their giveaway cover items are just as great).

So, here’s what you do:

  • Leave a comment here!
  • Follow @tvdnews and @smartpopbooks on Twitter.
  • Contest will be open until 12/9 (and it’s open to everyone, even our international readers) at midnight EST.

Good luck!

*Coincidentally, Red and Vee’s introduction to A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls is up today. Take a look!

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36 Comments On "Smart Pop Books AND Giveaway!"

  1. casorb

    Wow, what a wonderful idea and a brilliant giveaway – thanks!


  2. Maggie Garcia

    This contest sounds amazing! It would awesome to win any of these prizes. Vampire Diaries rules!! XD


  3. Gia M

    Just entered ~ fun contest!


  4. katink

    Would be great if one of us overseas could win :P


  5. Melissa B.

    I was already following @tvdnews on Twitter but now I also follow Smart Pop Books. And I’m glad to participate in the contest.
    Hope to read A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls very soon !


  6. Weird Vision

    I’m really interested in the book.


  7. EllieMurasaki

    Ooh, shiny.


    • Freedomr

      OOH, SHINY! SERIOUSLY? If you don’t have the smarts to comment on a good book, then just leave.


  8. Vampire Lady

    Awesome contest! I’m following both of the twitter acounts (with this profile – @mariqpetrova)


  9. SouthernBelle

    That stationary looks so COOL! It would be so awesome if I won it! I love/collect anything and everything Civil War Era, especially something mildy realated to the Vampire Diaries! I follow both of y’all on Twitter and my account name is @blueyes52707.

    Have a great day and God Bless!


  10. Dana

    I want to win A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls goodies from @tvdnews & @smartpopbooks! #VampireDiaries #TVD


  11. riku

    Good luck to all!! :)


  12. Jessie

    This is Wonderful. I Would Love To Win. I Love TVD and Im Also A Collector, War Stationary Paper Would Be A Great Addition To My Collection. Thanks For The Opportunity. (@JayByrd14 on Twitter)


  13. Julie

    Awesome! These are REALLY cool stuff! :D So all I have to do is post a comment here and be following you and on twitter? :D



  14. Annie

    I’m so happy this is for international people as well :) Amazing gifts and it’s a great contest! It’s nearly christmas :D I would love to win one of these gifts :) I follow both of you on twitter, @robstenforever :)


  15. andra

    I am so happy that international can participate as well… it’s a great chance for vd fans:D it would be great to win.


  16. Becca

    Wow this constest sounds amazing, especially the civil war stationary, it looks beautiful. Awesome contest you guys! Oh btw my twitter is (@beccaweasley)


  17. ArchLeonDrewfan

    Oh My Gosh!!! This contest is so amazing!!! I really wish i can win! Really a huge of TVD xD


  18. Keely Done

    Cool contest


  19. Rafaella

    I want it!!!


  20. ArchLeonDrewfan

    forgot to add my twitter ID @ArchLeonDrewFan


  21. Mhae

    eeeek! Am I dreaming or what??? Worldwide fans can join too?? this is so freaking cool! Good Luck to everyone including myself ;)


  22. rachel

    my twitter is @racheym

    this would be an awesome contest to win!! :)


  23. C. Bahr

    Great contest… Great prizes… Great to win


  24. Claire Egan

    Would love to get one! All the way over here in Aus…



  25. Richard Allen

    I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to win these items…to hold these pieces of in my very own hands. Who ever wins will certainly be a very lucky person.


  26. Tamara

    great contest for The Vampire Diaries lovers!! that will make us think of the show even more!!
    I’d love to have that!!


  27. Sarah Yeung

    I WANT!! :P
    loooooooove this idea!


  28. Laurane

    I want it!!
    Good luck to everyone!! ;)


  29. Petar

    So cool of you guys for having this contest! Good luck to everyone!


  30. Natalia

    I’d love to win it! The vampire diaries rock!!!


  31. Ashley

    I would love to win this. I am following on twitter


  32. moqus

    I would love to win this. My twitter is @moqus.


  33. Rebecca T

    Ooh! I love that stationary! And I would love that book!


  34. Nina Grace Ladra

    I’M addicted to The Vampire Diaries! It makes me craved blood too :)


    • Brandilyn

      That’s really swrhed! Good to see the logic set out so well.


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