San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap + Giveaway

By August 5th, 2014

A couple weeks ago we headed to San Diego for our fourth year of exhibiting at Comic-Con. It was equal parts exciting and busy, which you probably know all too well if you’ve ever been to the show, but it was ultimately another great year of introducing Smart Pop Books to new potential readers while having the wonderful opportunity of reconnecting with past readers and contributors.


Comic-Con was the official launch of our 2014 Smart Pop Sampler, and it was such a treat to hand out copies early in the show only to hear positive feedback from readers a day or two later! If you’re feeling a little jealous of this freebie,  you can actually download a free electronic version on your e-reader of choice! Just click here.)

We hosted two in-booth signings. Janine K. Spendlove (pictued below, right), Divergent Thinking contributor, signed copies Friday afternoon and Heidi Tandy (pictured below, left, with Fic foreword writer Lev Grossman), Fic contributor, signed copies SDCC signingsSaturday morning. It’s always fun to meet our contributors in person, often after years of working with them virtually, and these two lovely ladies were no exception. Great to see you, Janine and Heidi!

We shared our space with Jamie Chambers, of Signal Fire, and he had a packed signing schedule, as well. He hosted a few Cupcake Quarterly models, and if you haven’t checked out the magazine’s “geek” issue, you should! It was a ton of fun spending the week with Jamie, his team, and his signing guests.

We also gave away a ton of awesome things, from buttons to tote bags to magnifying glasses and more! Thank you to everyone who picked up something. It was a blast to see how many people enjoyed getting the swag as much as we enjoyed handing it out.

Finally, we have a bunch more photos in our Facebook album. Be sure to check those out!

If our recap makes you wish you could have been at the show with us, you’re not alone, but we hope our San Diego Prize Pack Giveaway will be a pretty great consolation prize. We’re giving away two packs to two lucky readers, each pack with every single thing we gave away at the show! That includes:

prize pack5

If you’d like to win your very own SDCC prize pack, just comment below. To make it easy, we’d love to hear what TV show or book series you’re hooked on this summer. (Contest details: We’ll keep the giveaway up through 8/15 and announced two winners by 8/18. You must live in the U.S. or Canada and be willing to provide your mailing address. One comment per person, please!)

Hope to see you next year, Smart Pop fans! And thanks for your support year-round.


Update: Randomly selected winners are D Schmidt and Christina Dutra. Emails to come.

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No Comments On "San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap + Giveaway"

  1. Jennifer

    This summer, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Outlander! Also a favorite book series :)


  2. Michelle

    I’ve been loving Orphan Black but now that I’m caught up I have nothing to watch till Dr. Who comes back.


  3. Andrew Jones

    Catching up on Game of Thrones, The Clone Wars, and Orphan Black


  4. Taryn T.

    This Summer I am catching up on Supernatural, The Strain, and GOT!


  5. D Schmidt

    I have been hooked on Arrow.


  6. e michelle

    im hooked on watching re runs of the walking dead! also my husband just got me addicted to black sails!


  7. Pierre Mosbey

    Summer time is True Blood season for me! Haha I’m sad to see it go but this final season has been pretty satisfying so far!!!



    This summer, like every summer, i watch the X-Files and Buffy!!


  9. Cathy Konas

    I read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series (to date, lol); the Four Divergent collection; and the final book in The Mortal Instruments series. That was my summer!


  10. Christina H

    Of course been watching Catching Fire and Divergent while impatiently awaiting Mockingjay & Insurgent. Tradition however is every summer Falling Skies and True Blood grace my TV with their wonderful appearance. Of course this is True Bloods last season but Falling Skies will at least be back and of course SOA will be out in Sept. Yet there again another series ending. Was really happy to read Silver Shadows and that Bloodlines isn’t ending yet and that we finally got a new Merry Gentry book this year.


  11. Courtney

    I love Orphan Black!


  12. Michael Woods

    We’ve been watching Supernatural on Netflix


  13. Ivelisse Woods

    I’m almost finish watching all the episodes of The Fringe


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