What People Are Saying About Triumph of The Walking Dead

TRIUMPH OF THE WALKING DEAD successfully manages to do what any collection of its sort intends: Help us understand why the series is so good (and successful), while enhancing our enjoyment at the same time.

— Alan at Bookgasm

Editor James Lowder has assembled an impressive collection of Walking Dead essayists who examine not only the popular comic book series and TV show but the Zombie phenomenon as a whole...an interesting book that zombie fans are sure to love.

— Collectors' Corner

One does not have to be a devotee of either the comic book or the television series to enjoy this compilation of reflections on the enormous popularity of Kirkman’s contribution to the subgenre....[Triumph of the Walking Dead] is a most refreshing read that probes the appeal and acclaim of the comic book, while taking a penetrating look at the success of the TV show which amplified upon it.

— Dave at HellNotes.com

 Triumph of the Walking Dead is a rich reading experience that while lacking any photos or illustrations is still engulfing enough to keep you clinging to its pages. The edition is one of the few books out now that takes an analytical view while still staying well within the scope of common reading.

— HorrorNews.net

James Lowder’s Triumph of the Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman’s Zombie Epic on Page and Screen is full of contributions from die hard walking dead lovers. The essays are...fun(ny) and should spark conversations about both series and the themes they address.

— PopTheology.com

For fans ofThe Walking Dead this book is pretty much a must have. [Triumph of the Walking Dead] gets a full recommendation, if you don't know what the fuss over the show is about, or call yourself a fan of Kirkman's wilderness, then you need to wrap your paws around this book. TWD will repay in spades time spent between its covers.

— ScaryMinds.com

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