What People Are Saying About The Panem Companion

My compliments to V. Arrow in putting forth so many investigative hours to present a book to the public that will bring new depth and meaning to die-hard fans of the series. . . . An informative and well-researched analysis of the world Collins created, and an exploration into some of the parallels between Panem and our current society.

— CatchingFireMovie.org, a Hunger Games fansite

. . . written by an author who has her finger on the pulse of the fandom . . . [Arrow] knows what we want to read about and delivers it in a way that's at once intelligent, approachable, and deep.

— HG Fireside Chat, a Hunger Games podcast

An in-depth look into Panem and its districts, this book will help you understand why Panem is the way it is, and how it led to a rebellion . . . Overall, an exceptional companion book to the Hunger Games that every fan should read.

— Colleen at HG Girl on Fire, a Hunger Games fansite

Witty, insightful, passionate, engaging, highly readable and with keen attention to detail: V. Arrow’s The Panem Companion is all of this and more . . . a true gem: exhaustively researched and documented, it’s an academic text that’s just as suitable for lay fans. Arrow is fastidious in her research, and diligently distinguishes cannon from informed inferences and fan theories. While you may not agree with all of her conclusions, Arrow never tries to pull a fast one by stretching the facts to support her interpretation of the text.

— V is for Vegan

We really enjoyed The Panem Companion. It’s unapologetically smart and refuses to trivialize the series or its fandom . . . if you’re going to read [a companion book], we suggest you go for this one.

— Victor's Village, a Hunger Games blog

There aren’t many YA companion books out there that treat the source material with as much reverence and the fans with as much intellectual regard. . . . Knowing what we know about the fandom . . . it's quite heartwarming knowing the author feels what you feel and understands what the books mean to us emotionally.

— Welcome to District 12, a Hunger Games fansite

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