What People Are Saying About Fringe Science

One may be able to view the series without knowing its true roots in the past and contemporary times but thanks to the authors in Fringe Science: Parallel Universes, White Tulips, and Mad Scientists, fans of Fringe are able to conduct their own research into the edges of Fringe science–and come to appreciate the FOX drama even more.

— Anthony at Alterna-TV.com

If you are one that loves to ponder and discuss such topics then Smart Pop's Fringe Science is a book that you will want to incorporate into your reality.

— Old Darth at FringeTelevision.com

Immediately after reading Fringe Science I had an almost undeniable urge to re-watch the TV series it is based upon. That's a sign of a fantastic pop culture book. Not only will the book educate the reader about some less often discussed scientific theories, but it will also help fans better understand the possibilities of certain fringe events when viewing the show. Fringe Science is wonderful and a must read for any Fringe fan.

— Jennifer at Reading with Tequila

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