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Virtual Mad Men Dinner Party

On Sunday, March 18, The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook authors, Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin, hosted a virtual dinner party on Twitter to celebrate the upcoming season five premiere of Mad Men. Food bloggers from all over the United States and Canada joined us to talk canap©s, cookies, and cocktails, and to share photos and experiences. All of the bloggers made at least one recipe from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, and we all had lots of fun talking about two of our favorite topics: food and Mad Men. (Photo on left: courtesy of She’s Cookin’.)

Judy and Peter wrote about the party on their blog here, and you can see pictures of all the fabulous food in our Facebook album here. Here are all of the blogs who joined us, with links to their recipe posts:

To read the conversation, and keep it going, check out the #PartyLikeaMadMan hashtag! And don’t forget to follow The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook at @DineLikeDraper. Here are some of our favorite Twitter moments from Sunday night (photo on left: courtesy of Girlichef).

Some of the bloggers explained why they chose to make certain recipes:

@WeHeartThis: We chose Rumaki because we LOVE Betty’s Around the World party in that episode

@shescookin: I chose the Caviar and Blini because it screams 60’s panache! Elegant and easy to make!

@dbcurrie: when my husband heard there was tartar in the book, I had to make it for him

@missionfood: I picked my recipe based on one of my favorite cocktails :) There were so many yummy options though!

@Merelene: We (@Madtini) mixed up an Old Fashioned, just like Don Draper, for the #PartyLikeaMadMan Virtual Dinner Party

Some fun tips and trivia were shared through the night:

@DineLikeDraper: @cookistry Your Steak Tartar at Sardi’s 1962: $5.90; today: $29.50

@DineLikeDraper: @shescookin Great tip you offered: use Salmon roe instead of Sturgeon…tastes good and saves $$

Everyone also seemed to enjoy the cocktail portion of the evening:

@PrimlaniKitchen: That’s Why I Love Brunch. @foodhunterguide alchohol at lunch…I do miss those days :) @hyphenated chef

@dbcurrie: Brandy Alexander does not improve my typing skills. :-) But I’m having fun at #PartyLikeaMadMan

And it could have been the cocktails, but things got a little crazy:

@DineLikeDraper: Game on! Twister in five minutes in the rec room.

@GirlWalksIn2Bar: Love it

@Foodhunter: Naked?

@JuanitasCocina: Woot! Smoky, drunk Twister!

@HeatherBeefield: Will play if I can spin!

@hyphenatedchef: What? Not sure about naked — not after all the Calif Dip

@fromagechick: @foodhuntersguide @DineLikeDraper So u cook naked and play naked? lol!!! ;) I’m telling

@dbcurrie: Yay! Twister!

When @DineLikeDraper mentioned that we have yet to see a Jell-O mold on Mad Men, we got a variety of responses:

@dbcurrie: Mmmm… jello with celery and tuna. Or maybe not.

@sarcasticcook: @DineLikeDraper I was thinking the same thing! It was so trendy, maybe we will see one this season.

@PrimlaniKitchen: Jello is so Playful

@madtini: I was just thinking that… peas in green jell-o (or aspic if you want to be classy) were a staple in the 60s

It was an all-around fun evening, that ended on an equally fun note. And luckily for all of our bloggers, we did the dishes:

From @hyphenatedchef: “goodnight, all. Until our next Bridge Night…”

From @GirlWalksIn2Bar: “Regardless of your TV Sunday lineup, the recipes from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook R great 7 days a week!! Cheers!”

Thanks again to everyone who joined us; we hope to see you around on Twitter!


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