Must-haves for Dexter Devotees (Plus Enter to Win)

By December 2nd, 2010 10 Comments

We’ve done Harry Potter, Glee, Narnia and now it’s time for a gift guide for all the people in your life who love a serial killer. (Well, not just any serial killer, thank goodness. A lovable, fictitious one.)

First up, wearable Dexter gifts:

Top row: 1. My Dark Passenger Made Me Do It T-shirt; 2. Dad Says Tank Top; 3. Bay Harbor Butcher T-shirt

There are even a couple things for the tiny Dexter fans out there.


1. Dexter bib and 2. Food container

How about a Dexter caffeine fix?


Then we have the blood-inspired gifts. (Come on, it’s Dexter after all.)

1. Blood slide soaps and 2. Dexter’s memento necklace

And, of course, we have the very best Dexter-related gift: our book, The Psychology of Dexter. Buy a few, just in case!

Also, like the gift guides that came before, you can win a copy of the book for your own. Just leave a comment below and we’ll pick a winner next week!

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10 Comments On "Must-haves for Dexter Devotees (Plus Enter to Win)"

  1. James Maguire

    Cool gift ideas!
    The book looks really interesting


  2. Audrey

    I wonder if Dexter would like one of those bibs for Harrison, it would probably freak him out a bit.

    The book looks interesting as the show often raises some moral dilemmas.


  3. moqus

    OMG! Cool gifts! The book looks really interesting too.


  4. Stephanie

    I would get some of these gifts, but people might think I’m very morbid…


  5. Rebecca Petitt

    Fun Fun… would be a great read., Thanks a bunch


  6. Laurane

    Can international fans participate too?? I’d love to get one of those :)


  7. Sarah

    Holy cow this stuff is so cool! The memento necklace is probably my favourite!


  8. C. Bahr

    Love me sum Dexter… Not to mention cool stuff


  9. orangehands

    I have been loving this season of Dexter.


  10. Chuck

    I’m hoping that Julia Stiles becomes a regular.


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