More Fringe!

By April 27th, 2012

Heard the good news? We’re getting 13 more episodes of Fringe!

To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of Fringe Science. Leave a comment on this post (say, with your favorite thing about season 4, or what you’re most looking forward to—spoiler free—about season 5) before midnight Central time on Sunday, April 29 to enter!

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Happy Friday!

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  1. Kelly

    I am looking forward to Walter finding redemption or at least forgiving himself for the damages he caused both universes when he crossed over in 1985. Also, want to see him and Peter (re)develop the closeness they had in S3. It is going to be an amazing S5!


  2. bill norris

    Future Fringe


  3. Dustin Crider

    Favorite thing about Season 4 has been getting to know our characters all over again in the new timeline.


  4. b.

    I’m so happy for the next 13 episodes! It’s a great serial


  5. Ian

    My favorite thing from this season is finding all the little differences that have been instated due to Peter’s disappearance. It feels like Season 3 again, where we were discovering all the little differences between our universe and the alternate universe. Now that the season is coming to a close, these differences don’t feel as big now. It feels more like our old Fringe team again, which I am glad.


  6. Courtney

    I am still in love with Fringe. I’ve been watching since day one, and recommend it to anyone I meet who hasn’t seen it yet.


  7. Sarah

    My favorite thing about Fringe’s fourth season is that it has taught us that love is the most powerful force in the universe, be it destruction or creation. When Walter crossed over to save Peter he created the cracks which started the Pattern and everything that followed. But even in doing so and even with Peter being erased by the Observers in an effort to undo it all, the love that Walter and Olivia have for him is also what brings him back. And without Peter they wouldn’t be able to fix what all started from him. He was the root cause and the sole solution to the problem between the universes. And I look forward to season 5 being the chapter that has the teams heal and seal the worlds and concludes with their happy ending, where they’re home with the people they love and who love them, and everything is right where it belongs.


  8. Viktorija

    I’m looking forward to Peter/Walter relationship, because it has not been the main focus lately. I also hope to see both universes working together more often.


  9. Mel

    I am so happy about season 5 and really can’t wait!


  10. Steven

    My favorite thing about season 4 is that Jasika Nicole finally got her chance to shine! She did such an amazing job in ‘Making Angels’…I hope one of our last 13 episodes is another Astrid-centric one!


  11. Conner

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers continue to make the story fresh and exciting the way they always do. 2036 here we come.


  12. Todus

    Fave S4 development: star-crossed, cross-timeline and universe doppleganger love.


  13. Darell

    Some questions have been answered but I’m looking for an awesome twist to be played on us that will close up most of the open parts of the mythology and link them together.


  14. Michael Patterson

    I am looking forward to walters transformation. He is the most polarizing character on the show!


  15. Tyler Vos

    I cannot wait for next season! That book looks awesome! I can’t wait to see how the finale is going to unfold!


  16. Celina

    My favorite thing about season 4 so far has been a “good” Nina, a “good” Walternate, and the fact that I just KNEW alterBroyles wasn’t entirely bad.


  17. Shay

    I love that in Season 4 we’ve had the opportunity to see our characters through a different lens and I’m forever thankful that we get a Season 5.


  18. mark

    stephen root!


  19. Kyle

    My favorite thing about the show in general is the way you can never guess what’s coming next. Every time you think you’ve got it figured out, they throw you a curve ball. And I also love the way that there’s actual answers in this show. In it’s early episodes, Fringe was compared to X-Files a lot, but X-Files got more and more convoluted and non-sensical as it went on. Fringe is able to continually add new mysteries while at the same time being consistent, making sense and actually answering questions.


  20. Grace

    Can’t wait to learn more about the Observers (hopefully) in Season 5!


  21. Ronald Ng

    Personally, the first thing that I’m looking forward to Season 5 is how Jone’s plan will go on. I mean, after what just happened in the finale, I wonder how will he try to continue his plan for universal destruction. Plus, it would help if there was more side episodes concerning more fringe science that diverge from the main plot.


  22. vi

    i want more 6-8 season of fringe


  23. Justin

    I dove into this series with the current season and have since bought the first three seasons – one of my pop culture summer projects will be to catch up. I hope we see more of the relationship between Lincoln and the other Olivia in Season 5.


  24. Chuck

    Quando v£o publicar Fringe Science no Brasil ??


    • Leah

      As soon as we can convince some nice Brazilian publisher to buy the rights to translate and publish it. :) In the meantime, you should still be able to get it there in English!


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