Love and pop culture, hand-in-hand

By February 11th, 2010 7 Comments

Valentine’s is just a few days away, and we’re curious: do you have any great dating or relationship anecdotes that involve pop culture?

I credit The Office (US version) for breathing life into my relationship with my then-boyfriend, now-husband when we were fresh out of college and ridiculously broke and stressed. Regardless how red our bank account balance appeared, we could count on non-stop, side-splitting laughter every Thursday night. Also, thanks to Top Chef, we now enjoy cooking and eating better, more delicious foods together than we ever did before the Bravo hit came into our lives.

So, tell us, what similar stories do you have of love going hand-in-hand with  a pop culture property?


Additionally, check out this delicious TV bachelor round-up from Television Without Pity that’s equal parts hilarious and dead-on. (My personal favorite: Tim Riggins, of course.)

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7 Comments On "Love and pop culture, hand-in-hand"

  1. Leah

    I don’t have any of my own–for someone whose work and interests are so pop culture heavy, my romantic life remains oddly unconnected–but fortunately, I am happy to steal others’.

    A good friend of mine proposed recently with Violet Lantern Ring–which, a quick trip to Wikipedia informs me, “are able to detect when true love is being threatened, can create a connection to an embattled heart and use it as a tether, and are also shown as being able to show others their greatest love.” Next to that, a diamond actually starts to sound kind of lame.


  2. Laura

    Mine is about The Office, too! I started watching the Office when I was getting over a horrible, horrible breakup, and that show alone pulled me through. It gave me half an hour where I could focus on guaranteed hilarity.

    When I met Sean, I was still following the Office every week, and he began to take part in that ritual. Two years later, he and I still sit down together every week to watch the Office. Even if we have to DVR it, one can’t watch it without the other.


  3. Crystal

    My husband never used to like watching TV shows. Period. It was movies or bust with him. I, however, am a TV fanatic. As our relationship has evolved, it has always seemed interesting to me how he gradually got pulled into loving certain shows with me. Perhaps the best anecdote for us would be about the show Dexter. We spent weeks watching that show, back to back to back, on DVD. It became so much a part of us that we discussed the characters like we knew them, we used quotes constantly, and were basically super-embarrassing about it all. After being that involved in something together, we built our own little banter that no one else really gets, we can reference certain characters or moments and know exactly what the other is talking about, and I think that that sort of connection has drawn us even closer together.


  4. Miss Knee

    My intimate man-friend and I bonded over Lost, eventually part way through season three he got me really drunk and we had our first kiss. Now we watch Battlestar Galactica, The Wire and other things together.


  5. Leah

    @Miss Knee: Love the idea of seduction-by-Lost!


  6. Emma

    Hardly romantic but my sister and I hated (yes, really HATED) each other until our mutual love of Buffy. We are now best of friends, well bonded over all things geekiness ;)


  7. Laura

    My now-husband and I dated long-distance for a year before getting engaged, and it took another year for his US visa to be processed. So during that time, we spent a LOT of time watching films and tv shows (including both versions of The Office) simultaneously over Skype calls. It was a great way to ‘hang out’ without being in the same space physically and helped us get to know each others’ tastes and preferences.


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