Lost, Season 6, Episode 13: The Last Recruit

By April 21st, 2010

This is one of those “move the pieces into place before the final battle” episodes that I actually liked. Good to see LOST kicking ass three episodes in a row, and so late in the game. They only have to be good 4 more broadcasts to bring it home for a win.

On island, The Man in Black admits to Jack he appeared as Jack’s father. Widmore shoots missiles at The Man in Black’s camp because he wants Desmond back; The Man in Black sends Sayid to kill Desmond, which he later reports doing (but it did not happen on screen so only if you have never seen a “tele-box” before would you think that was the end of Desmond). Locke marches everyone to get to a boat to get to the plane to get off the island and sends Sawyer ahead. But Sawyer and the other main characters steal the boat to go join Widmore. Jack changes his mind, claiming he is not supposed to leave the island at all, and swims back to shore. He meets the Man in Black again, and the bombs from Widmore, not honoring an agreement with Sawyer, blast Jack. In the Alt U, Sun and Locke are rushed to the hospital where she recognizes him; Saywer flirts with Kate who he has in custody then goes off to capture Sayid; and Jack finds his long lost sister with the help of Desmond and Illana before being rushed off to perform surgery — on John Locke.

When the Alt U started it was very much a throwback to the beginning of season 1 — the human moments, the slow burn. But by season 6 I was impatient to get moving, and was aggravated for a little while. Ever since Desmond “woke up” two weeks ago, the Alt U has legs — I pay attention as much there as in the island U, the first time in the show’s history, with very few exceptions, I have been equally interested in the island the the thing it was being juxtaposed with (the past, the future, the Alt U). This Alt U has had the most legs yet, moving things fast — Sun and Locke, Jack and Claire, Jack and Locke. Desmond running around like a Rock Star Angel is awesome, and it is great to see so many people in the Alt U feeling all the “coincidence” around them. They feel something building too.

Even Jack’s son — who looked weirdly like his mini-me here, in a suit like his dad’s — has my attention. The kid is just too intense looking, with that rich dark hair, for such a young actor. At times he reminds me of Malachi in The Children of the Corn almost. It makes me think he is going to do something crazy, like be the Man in Black. It now looks like the thing that is going to bring everyone together at the hospital will be the birth of Claire’s baby (maybe Sawyer and Miles, with Kate tagging along, will let Sayid see his brother one last time). That would be pretty satisfying — especially if there turns out to be a connection between the dark haired and light haired cousins Aaron and David, Jacob (light hair) and the Man in Black (dark hair as Titus Welliver), and the light haired kid and the dark haired kid we have seen on the island. That could be a really great moment. Plus ending a show with the birth of a kid is just classic television. It can’t be a minor thing that that kid is left to wander the hospital while his dad is in surgery: the hospital is where everyone is. And we still don’t know who his mom is. Pregnancy and generations has been a big thing on this show — this is how to end it surely.

On Island we had some great stuff too. I especially liked how Jack jumping off the boat leaving the island to swim back mirrored Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter to swim back to the island. It is nice to see him accepting fate and learning from the past — he knows he is supposed to stay this time. And we get the mythology reveal of the Man in Black being Jack’s dad back in season 1. Women had something to do for once, and it did not even involve a man — Kate had here scene with Claire, which was nice, going against the group to include her — refusing to abandon her again. Illana returns in the Alt U so in a way that was not the end of her, and her life in the Alt U does not revolve around a man either — she has a serious job, apparently. We even introduced the idea that Claire, and Sayid, could be saved. Sayid still has some good in him and Kate won’t give up.

I still don’t love the “get conked on the head, or fall in love: bleed between universes” thing. That was apparently the only reason Sun cannot speak English for a few hours (bleed through from the Alt U), and now Jack has been concussed. It is strange that the last episode ended with Alt U Locke getting hit hard, and this one ends with Island Jack getting hit hard — and yet neither episode has told us what this means. In the Alt U Jack is busy healing Locke, as the Island has Locke-The-Man-In-Black against Jack. Something good is going to happen there, surely.

It was also seriously lame to see Desmond’s well in the daytime. When The Man in Black tossed his torch down there it seemed endless. Turns out it is like 15 feet deep or something. Not even a broken bone. And why not just kill him then? Why wait till Widmore asks for him back and then kill him? There was also a very distracting moment when Jin and Sun ran toward each other — and across the pylons. Thought for sure one or both of them would get their brain melted, or they would witch bodies or some kind of weird science / random death thing. Not that they should have, it just seemed like there was something silly going to happen because of the blocking.

I don’t for the life of me remember where that boat came from — has Desmond’s boat just been there the whole time?

Also — why did all those Others just let the main characters break away without so much as a reaction? It is so strange that Lost finally ditched all the nameless non-main-character castaways no one wanted to write about only to have another group of faceless people to have to shuffle around the island again.

Also not real clear why Alt U Sawyer felt he needed that garden hose tripwire in addition to the gun to catch Sayid. If getting conked in the head change personalities is from the Flintstones, then garden hose tripwire is from Scooby Doo.

But it wouldn’t be Lost without something to bitch about, and overall I am totally on board for the final episodes. And apparently no Lost next week, if Wikipedia is to be believed (the ABC promo was not at all clear — it just seems to be an ad for the series finale more than anything else).

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