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By February 25th, 2011 26 Comments

When I was a kid, there wasn’t much that bugged me more than picking up a book and discovering that, though the character image on the front had green eyes, the book clearly described the character’s eyes as brown. (You may remember me complaining about this before.) It was like the publisher wasn’t even paying attention–like they thought we wouldn’t notice.

Which is to say: Details matter. Because I did notice. And–I think I’m not alone in this–the more passionate I am about something, the more important the details become.

We work hard to get the details right, here at Smart Pop, and this is particularly true when it comes to the properties we cover. We expect our authors to be fans, and to know the details of the scenes and characters they’re writing about. We keep a close eye on accuracy during editing, and whenever we can, hire copyeditors who are already familiar with the show or books or films our book is on. (In some cases, we’ve lined up copyeditors early just so they could get familiar.)

We’re not perfect, as much as I wish we were. (Check out, for example, my failure to accurately spell two Veronica Mars character names in this 2007 interview with MarsInvestigations.net.) But always trying to be is something that’s important to us.

Over the years, we’ve tried to–whenever possible, given scheduling constraints–make sure we invited a few fans to read over our manuscripts early and, in effect, help us “fact check” the details by flagging anything that looks off. Many times we’ve looked to fansite administrators (because there’s nothing I can think of that demonstrates love for a property more than devoting that kind of unpaid time; seriously, have you thanked your favorite fansite staff lately?). And that’s something we plan on continuing, because it’s always been a fantastic help.

But for our upcoming anthology on the science and science fiction of Fringe, I thought we’d try something new: posting a call for volunteers here, from among our regular Smart Pop readers.


If you’re a detail-oriented Fringe fan, and interested in doing an early read-through of Fringe Science to help us make sure everything’s accurate and true to the show, leave us a comment on this post. We’ll pick 5 at random to get an early copy of the manuscript, plus a thank you on the acknowledgments page and a copy of the final book as soon as we receive our office copies.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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26 Comments On "Looking for Fringe fans"

  1. Ashley Doran

    First off, I love this series of books! They’re always so informative and fun to read. Each book makes me look at whatever series that is being discussed in a new light.

    Secondly, I’m so glad you’re doing an anthology of “Fringe” essays. I’ve been curious about whether or not you would choose this show as part of your Smart Pop series. I’ve been watching “Fringe” since the show first aired and cannot wait to read the published volume Smart Pop puts together!


  2. Wayne Henderson

    I am very happy to see that you are putting together a Fringe Science book! I hope this book about the best show currently on tv, Fringe, is your most successful yet.

    I produce the FRiNGEcasting With Wayne And Dan podcast (formerly Wayne’s Take On FRiNGE…the first ever podcast devoted to FRiNGE), and would love the opportunity to help out and do an “early read through” of your Fringe Science book.


  3. Desiree

    Love Fringe! Looking forward to checking the book out. If you need volunteers, let me know!


  4. Michael

    Huge fan of the show. I’d love to look over the book.

    Also, I’m news director for Farpoint Media and Slice of SciFi. We love Fringe and would love to help promote the book.

    Send an e-mail to the address included in the comments if you’re interested


  5. OldDarth

    Another Fringe podcaster here – Fringe Benefits Inc(FBI). Link here – http://odontv.blogspot.com/search/label/Fringe

    Would be very happy, and honored, to read and promote your book too!

    Thanks for the opportunity


  6. Bob

    Volunteering _ can definitely hit it from the science/biochemistry angle.


  7. Anthony

    I think Fringe is smart,edgy, brilliant, i have been watching from the beginning. I know the book will be just as great.


  8. Ashley

    Volunteering too! I’m a huge fan of the show and love that the book is on both the science and the story. I would love to review the book. Even though you say it’ll be a random selection perhaps the fact that I’m a copyeditor will help sway you to pick me.


  9. Jennifer

    I would love to read the Fringe book early. I understand science better when explained to me through pop-culture.


  10. Dodger Winslow

    Walter rules AND drools … and believes that nothing is truly random in the multiverse, least of all … oh, look, strawberry flavored DEATH. :)

    I’d love to get my Fringe on with Smart Pop and can’t think of a better way to do it than with an early read-through of “Fringe Science.”


  11. runpaceyrun

    Happy to help out. Am one obsessed Fringe fan!


  12. tera

    Anything Fringe related is awesome. I would gladly volunteer!


  13. Aimee

    I’m a library and information services graduate, and also a huge Fringe fan. I am very active in the Fringe Internet fan-forums. I take accuracy, character traits and the show canon very seriously. It would be an honor to review your Fringe book for errors.


  14. Tim

    I am a huge Fringe fan and would love to volunteer to read the book.


  15. DHC

    I am an physicist and gladly volunteer.


  16. Oscar

    From a poetry point-of-view would be glad to volunteer to see how your anthology deals with the repetitive themes and mirror-metaphor format of most of the episodes.


  17. Leisa Winrich

    I am a teacher with a keen eye when it comes to editing. Since this Christmas, I have watched all Fringe episodes – many more than once. I have bought several of your Smart Pop books for my son – so you will actually have two volunteers. Thanks for the opportunity.


  18. Claire Egan

    Would absolutely love to!!

    I can’t help but edit what I read… I’d rather do it in a way that helps!


  19. Meg

    I am obsessed with Fringe! I would love to review the book, as I am very detail-oriented and I have always really enjoyed the science aspect. Also, please keep us aprised to the book’s progress, as I would love to buy it!


  20. Tara

    I’d love to volunteer to help out! My household includes two Fringe obsessed people, so I’d have a little back-up help :)


  21. Thienpont



  22. reevesAstronomy

    I’d love to volunteer and help out. I love looking for every hidden detail and researching details I may have missed. I particularly love the show because of the interesting science/science-fiction. It’s fascinating how close to real science some of Fringe events actually are. I’m also a science writer; writing a monthly astronomy column for a local paper.


  23. Aaron

    Speaking for those of us who studied and cataloged the fringe sciences before they were cool and have enjoyed the Fox-spawned TV series since its debut I would like to join your cadre of Fringe fans and assist you in the production of the most accurate book of fringe science possible.


  24. klarckent

    I am a big fan of Fringe and a QC senior administrator. I want to help “QC inspect” this book …


  25. Cindy CQ

    I love everything about Fringe except Fauxlivia.


  26. Jen

    I’m probably far too late, but I’m volunteering all the same. I adore Fringe (and Smart Pop!) and would love to check over the book.


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