Introducing The Psychology of Twilight

By October 12th, 2011

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There are a lot of people who are tired of hearing about Twilight. The feedback our sales folks got from a lot of independent bookstores when they were trying to sell in the book was that vampires aren’t really selling anymore– that, even with two Twilight films to go, the Twilight craze, too, had died down. It’s a totally fair point; neither vampires nor Twilight are the hot new thing anymore. But we don’t think that means they’re dead (or even undead) . . . or that there isn’t anything new to be said about either.

In fact, my favorite thing about this book is that it proves there is more to discuss. From vampirism as eating disorder (and the Cullens as great role models for dieters) to Bella’s motorcycle-riding and cliff-diving as a form of therapy to how being a part of the Twilight fandom community is beneficial to your psychology healthy, the pieces in this book made me appreciate the Twilight Saga all over again. I’ve always been impressed by the Saga’s world-building– especially in the second and third books– but the psychology resonance, even beyond Bella and Edward’s love story, surprised and impressed me. (Also, okay, I may partly just love the image of the apple on that great black leather couch.)

The contributors here are all psychologists and psychiatrists, at universities doing research or teaching or in private practice, and they’re all Twilight fans– especially our editors, husband and wife team E. David Klonsky, PhD, and Alexis Black (who, as you’ll see in the book’s intro, also enjoy arguing with each other about the series in their free time).

I sincerely believe that, even if you’re feeling some Twilight fatigue, this book will help get you excited again. And if you’re just as enthusiastic about Twilight as ever, this’ll give you a few new ideas to chew on until Breaking Dawn, Part 1 releases next month. Don’t take our word for it– see what has to say, for one; they’re also doing a giveaway right now!). See also: twilightblog. You can also check out a related blog post over at by one of our contributors, Mikhail Lyubansky, on Twilight and what gives our lives meaning.

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