Holiday Gifts for the TV Lover

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Finished with your holiday shopping yet? Yeah, me neither.

The internet has brought us many wonderful things, but one of my favorites is easy access to an explosion of television-related merchandise. Below we’ve put together a few last-minute gifts for the TV addict in your life–none of which requires braving a mall.

For the True Blood fan . . .
A 4-Pack of TruBlood or a Merlotte’s t-shirt

HBO is clearly at the forefront of the tv-related-merchandise game (check out the rest of their store here), but their True Blood stuff is the best. Their TruBlood is gorgeously packaged, and apparently pretty tasty. Their Merlotte’s shirt is a great, subtle bit of fanware (compare, for example, to shirts with the actors’ faces on it)–and bonus, it makes for the start of great Halloween costume for next year.

For the Glee fan . . .
“Your Resentment is Delicious” t-shirt or show sheet music

For the Gleek who’s in it for the dark humor, this Sue dialog shirt is perfect. (Glarkware’s always got great, clever TV-homage t-shirts; check the site for t-shirt take-offs of The Office, Mad Men, Veronica Mars, BSG, Gossip Girl, and more.) And for the Gleek who finds him- or herself humming the choral arrangments in the shower, we’ve still got you covered: a song book that includes sheet music for piano, guitar and voice.

For the Gossip Girl fan . . .
Serena’s Silvertone Charm Style Spike Necklace–or, if you’re feeling flush, Lily’s Necklace with Faceted Lemon Quartz by Bounkit

I admit, I’m not really a Gossip Girl viewer myself, and I still spent an embarrassing amount of time browsing the CW’s Gossip Girl store. The range of prices is huge, from  $15 to nearly two grand, so there’s something for relatively every budget. Plus, each piece also lists the episode number it appeared in, in case you want to go back and check your TiVo.

For the Lost fan . . .
Lost-Inspired Antiqued Bracelet

This bracelet is a) gorgeous and b) richly informed by Lost symbolism. And if bracelets aren’t your gift recipient’s thing, its creator has necklaces and earrings, too. 

For the Vampire Diaries fan . . .
Township of Mystic Falls t-shirt

Since The Vampire Diaries is still a young show, there’s not a whole lot out there yet in terms of official merchandise. There’s a lot of fan-created stuff, though, and this is one of my favorites: a Mystic Falls t-shirt, a classy version of the kind you might take home as a souvenir. If you managed to make it out alive, that is.

Of course, our books also make great gifts.  Use the coupon code SHIP09 and get a free upgrade to Priority Mail shipping in the US, to make absolute sure you get your order by Christmas. (To make sure the coupon registered, check your total. It should show a discount of 1 cent.)

Happy shopping!

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  1. Mia Bella Candles

    These look like some great gifts for my older son and husband. Definitely will be taking some of these up on my holiday list.


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