Guest Post: Vera Nazarian’s recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Last Day”

By May 2nd, 2011

TVD fans enjoy Vera Nazarian‘s quippy recap of episode 2-20, “The Last Day,” a truly turn-everything-upside-down-and-leave-us-hanging-from-a-cliff episode.


Wow, we’re still kind of reeling from last week’s episode shockers. Matt and Caroline’s mother, the sheriff, are in cahoots, working together in secret … Elijah and Klaus are brothers … And Elijah is kinda hot and has a great weird sexy tension thing going on with Elena. The sun and moon curse is a fake that Klaus made up! Klaus is kinda hot and has a hot sexy tension thing going on with–ok, with lots of people…

Talk about food for wild obsession!

And now we come to this week’s goodies. So let’s recap!

* * *

Damon is lying in bed thinking, while downstairs, nasty ritual avoidance plots are being hatched (or at least considered) by Elena, Elijah, Stefan, etc. The power of the full moon is channeled, and a werewolf and vampire will be sacrificed by Klaus. “He must drink the blood of the doppelganger to the point of your death.” However, Elijah reveals that there is a potion that Elena can drink that would save her life in this mess by reviving her afterward.

Elsewhere, at the Lockwood mansion, Tyler’s mom is compelled by Klaus’ witch minion, Maddox, to phone her son and tell him she has taken a fall and is in the hospital. He then pushes her down the stairs to make it true.

Damon and Stefan argue over letting Elena go through with it. Trust and trust issues come up. The usual Salvatore snarly thing.

Against the romantic background of a burning fireplace, Elijah admits to Elena that the elixir may not work. (Aside, OMG, I want Elijah to just take Elena away somewhere and make violent, real original vamp “lurv” to her … ahem! Back to reality.) Alaric comes to deliver a message from Klaus that the sacrifice happens tonight. Jenna greets him with a crossbow before he proves he is himself and no longer possessed by Klaus in that nasty in-my-brain sort of way.

At the hospital, Tyler is back, in a touching scene with mom.

Meanwhile Caroline and Matt run into each other, then Matt goes to her sheriff mom and says he cannot go on pretending anymore. Caroline’s mom says: “I’ll take it from here.” Talk about a different kind of mom!

Back at the Salvatore safe house, Alaric does not remember anything that happened while he was being Hotel Klaus. “So what else did I do?” says Alaric. You can just imagine the peals of horrified laughter echoing in everyone’s craniums as they look on at him.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Elena and Damon have an intense scene, summed up this way:

Elena: “I need you to understand WHY I am doing this. I will be fine, I will drink the elixir, Bonnie will kill Klaus, it will all be over.”

Damon: “It will not work. There has to be another way. You are gonna die.”

Elena: “I will come back to life.”

Damon: “I am not willing to take this risk.”

Elena: “It’s my life, Damon.”

Damon: “I’ll lose you.”

Elena: “You won’t.”

Damon’s expression is intense. And kind of crazy. He repeats that there is another way, then jumps her, feeds Elena his blood, smothering her face! Yowww!

Stefan rushes in and throws Damon off Elena, and they toss each other about the room in the usual way–well, maybe a bit worse than usual, this time. “What did you do?” says Stefan. “She will come back as a vampire!” And Stefan goes to beat up Damon some more, who snarls, “Admit it, you just wish you’d thought of doing this yourself!”

Damon stakes Stefan, and Elena tries to stop him, throws him off. Damon takes off. Stefan is hurt. Alaric tells Jenna to go downstairs and get some blood bank goodies.

In the other room, Elijah says that feeding Elena vamp blood rendered her useless for Klaus’ purposes. He tells Damon, “She will never forgive you, and never for a vampire is a very long time.” Um, yeah.

Meanwhile Stefan gets some blood, and is recovering at vamp speed. Alaric and Jenna leave downstairs, very cute together now that everything’s out in the open between them. Alaric tells Jenna he tried to protect her, and they kiss.

Stefan tells Elena they should go away for the day, just the two of them. Elena bemoans Damon’s dark dastardly bloody deed.

In the hospital with his mom, Tyler steps out in the hall and sees Jules who tells him they should hole up for the night of werewolf transformation. Outside, they run into Caroline. Jules goes on ahead to give them some privacy.

Caroline and Tyler talk, basically giving each other an explanation, and that they are both hanging in there. Tyler says he left for a reason. They start saying what they feel, exchanging awesome looks, but in that moment both Caroline and Tyler are grabbed by Klaus’ witches. Oh shit!

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Falls Bar and Grill, Matt is calling Caroline’s phone, leaving a message. Damon is sitting there, and Alaric too. Damon says he screwed up, and Alaric replies, “Yeah, and now you’ll be dead.” Suddenly they all see Klaus at the bar. Oh poop!

Klaus says, “I thought you fancied my doppelganger.” He reminds Damon not to do anything he’ll regret. Someone needs to remind Klaus that saying “fancied” is old-school.

Damon suggests Klaus postpone the whole ritual for a month.

Klaus says: “Let me be clear, I have my vampire and werewolf, it will happen tonight. If you want to live to see tomorrow, don’t screw it up.” He leaves in an invisible huff.

Alaric asks Damon, “You didn’t screw it up, did you?” Damon admits he had “bought her a month.” Alaric, sadly realizing that, YES, Damon screwed it up, asks, “What do you want me to do?” Someone needs to remind these two they are kind of married.

In the forest, Elena and Stefan are walking. Stefan helps Elena explore her feelings about becoming a vampire, as they climb up the hillside. They both know it is her last day as a human (thanks a lot, Damon and your bloody blood-blood).

Alaric and Damon return to where Katherine is being “compelled” to stay by Klaus. Damon beats up Katherine for answers. “I gave you vervain, now I came here to collect.” Ok, we know Damon just loves any old excuse to knock her about.

After a good hard knocking, Katherine tells them that Klaus got Caroline and Tyler. Damon tells her that Elena has vamp blood in her system. Katherine is not too happy with the possibility of having an ETERNAL Elena as ETERNAL competition between her and all the cute males, especially the Salvatores. After some more verbal beating this time, she admits that Klaus has them in the tomb.

Meanwhile, in the selfsame tomb, Caroline wakes up to see Tyler nearby, and they are both chained up.

“Those witches vervained me.” And Caroline starts to bring Tyler up to date.

At some point this prompts Tyler to deliver the funniest line of the episode: “Who the hell is Klaus?”

Tyler and Caroline realize they are both going to be killed. “You should not have come back here,” says Caroline. And, considering imminent death, they have a heart-to-heart.

Meanwhile, Elena and Stefan are still walking up a hill that’s looking more and more like a mountain. “What’s the best and worst thing about being a vampire?” she asks. Stefan tells her. “You can be anyone, learn, everything is heightened. And–anger becomes rage, when you are sad you are in despair, grief, loss, it can cripple you. That’s why so many of us turn our emotions off. It becomes too overwhelming.”

“How long before you learned to handle both?” asks Elena, and he replies that he is still trying and learning every day.

Elsewhere, Klaus returns to Katherine’s confinement room, asks her what she has been doing. “Making coffee,” she replies.

He grabs her by her throat. Okay, how many times has Katherine been grabbed by the throat recently? Then, “WAIT,” says Klaus, guessing she has a vervain charm on her somewhere. “Take off your bracelet.”

Katherine takes it off.

“I want you to walk over to the window and stand in the sunlight.”

Holy moley!

“I’ll burn,” she says.

He replies: “You don’t have a choice.”


Poor Katherine needs to keep up the pretense that she is still under his influence, so she obeys the sadistic order. She goes and stands as told. She is burning in the sun, screaming in agony.

Klaus is watching her. And smiling. What an a-hole!

Then he says: “That’s enough.” Apparently he is now satisfied she is fully under his control, and sufficiently browned.

Lightly barbecued Katherine instantly flies over to the shadow and out of the sun. Close call averted!

Klaus says, “Guess I was wrong.” And then he adds: “Alright then, I need you to do something for me.”

We swoop over to Damon, walking in the woods on his way to rescue Caroline and Tyler, as he is greeted by one of Klaus’ male witches.

The minion says: “Which one are you trying to save? The blond or the wolf? Did you really think that Klaus would leave them unprotected?”

Damon, not much for words these days, vamp-jumps the male witch. The witch puts the mojo on him, and Damon goes down … But then suddenly out comes Matt, sporting a short-bow, and shoots the witch. Damon finishes the witch off by breaking his neck. Damon and Matt stare at one another.

Apparently Matt is here either hunting for Caroline or rescuing her, because he is armed with wooden bullets. “Not a good time to be here,” says Damon and knocks him out. For safety. Sort of.

Still chained up, Caroline and Tyler are chatting. “If we’re gonna die, might as well find out, and talk about the truth. Why did you leave me?” says Caroline.

OMG, can I say again how awesome Caroline has been in every scene? She rocks the show!

Tyler says, “I knew you hated me, you need someone better than me in your life.”

Sexy emo tension!

Damon comes in, tells them that Matt is loaded with wooden bullets, frees Caroline, and then turns to Tyler, and starts untying him too. “Don’t make me regret this,” he says, and lets Tyler go.

On top of the hill, mountain, or “elevated whatsit,” at last, Elena and Stefan are looking over the vista. Still talking about what it means becoming a vampire. Elena admits: “If it was my choice I want to be with you forever.” But Stefan says “Selfish of me to ask you.”

Elena replies, “It didn’t stop Damon.”

Stefan says, “He did it because he loves you.”

She says, “He doesn’t really know what love is.”

And then Elena breaks down. “I am seventeen years old, how am I supposed to know any of this yet? I know I love you, Stefan. But–our life–our lives together, everything we’re supposed to do, grow up … what if I wanted to have kids, family, grow old, have a lifetime, it’s all gone!”

She ends with, “I DON’T want to be a vampire, Stefan, I never wanted to be one!” She is crying and hugging Stefan.

In the moonlit forest, Caroline, Tyler, Damon, and Matt are watching how Tyler is beginning to change into a werewolf. He screams for them to leave, run, get away.

“Grab boy wonder and let’s go,” says Damon to Caroline, pointing to Matt.

In front of the Salvatore house, a sports car pulls up and out comes Stefan and Elena. He hands her out of the car, classy, after their day of communing with nature and spilling their intense feelings.

They look, and Klaus is standing there. Waiting for them.

“I was getting nervous, I thought you’d done something stupid,” he tells them. “You are ready to begin?”

Elena says “yes,” Stefan says “no.” But Elena stands between Stefan and Klaus and tells Stefan she will go, stopping him with a touch to his chest.

“There’s no reason for you to get hurt.” Elena kisses Stefan. “I love you.” She kisses him again and looks him in the eyes. Stefan also says, “I love you,” and kisses her.

“Close your eyes,” she says. “Close your eyes.” Shades of Buffy, season two, final episode cliffhanger? But no … Their hands separate as she leaves, disappears …

She is gone with Klaus. Stefan is left alone in front of his car.

He goes inside the house. “Where is Damon?” he says to Alaric.

And we see that Damon is running through the forest, on his way to save the day. Stefan calls his brother to say Elena is gone, Klaus took her.

Damon says, “I will take care of it,” and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Tyler is changing. “I don’t know if I can hold it off, get out of here!” It’s happening faster than expected.

Damon holds down Tyler who tired to attack Caroline and Matt … and it seems that Damon gets scratched or bitten by Tyler mid-transformation. Oh crap! No way!

Damon gives Caroline the wooden bullets and tells her to go!

Back at the Klaus lair, they are watching Jules transforming next door, on screen. Klaus casually wonders where his witch minion Maddox is (Ahem–he was downed by Matt’s crossbow, in the forest), and Katherine just sorta looks on in horror as Elena is brought in by Klaus.

Then gloating Damon shows up and says: “I rescued your werewolf and vampire and killed your witch. You have to postpone the ritual. You can kill me for it, I wouldn’t care, it was all me!

Klaus tells Katherine to leave. Two vamp guys are looking at each other.

“So you’re the crazy impulsive vampire in love with his brother’s girl,” says Klaus. “I knew one of you would try to stop me. It was just a 50/50 guess on who.”

He has Jules in the other room, and she is transforming. Damon sees Jules. He realizes his deeds have been for nothing.

“When you spend a thousand years trying to break a curse, you learn a thing or two,” says Klaus. “The first rule–always have a BACKUP. Backup werewolf, backup witch, backup vampire. I’ve got that covered too.”

In the woods, Matt and Caroline are running like all hell is chasing them. And yeah, it is. They hide in the catacombs underground. Locking prison doors, they lock themselves in for safety.

In comes crashing the Tyler Wolf. It stands there at the bars, watching them from the outside.

Caroline speaks gently to him, “Tyler, it’s me, it’s Caroline, Tyler–”

Wolf pounces at the bars.

Meanwhile, Klaus hits Damon and is gone. Katherine admits to Damon that he needed another vampire.

“Who did you call?” he asks her in revulsion.

“Called another woman vamp,” she replies.

In the woods, Jenna is lying on the ground. She is dead–no, she awakes and “revives” in the way of a vampire–oh SHIT! Jenna is a vampire!!!!!

Back at Klaus’ HQ, Damon desperately asks Katherine, “Why didn’t he use me?”

“You are as good as dead. You have a wolf bite, that’s why,” she replies.


Damon has been bitten for sure, and Katherine looks at him in horror!

FADEOUT to END of Episode.

Okay, there is no way in hell that Damon is going down–we know it. Which means that they will have to figure out the solution to the werewolf-bites-vamp deadly incident, one way or another.

Stay tuned for next week! And try to control your obsession!


Thanks, Vera!

To read more, check out A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls and Vera Nazarian‘s essay, “You’re My Obsession.”

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