Giveaway: To get you through the Glee hiatus

By March 16th, 2011 14 Comments

Though it’s a little shorter than most of the other spring hiatuses we’re currently suffering through, we’re now without a new Glee episode until April 12. Which means now is a perfect time for us to give away a copy of Filled With Glee.

But wait, there’s more!

If you were watching the audience during the group number at Regionals last night, you may have noticed all those big red foam fingers in the crowd:

Last summer, Fox gave away a red foam “Loser” finger at Comic-Con–one very similar to the ones we saw last night, only with “Glee” across the front (and, of course, a visible thumb). If you win, you can have one–along with a copy of Filled with Glee–for your very own.

Just leave a comment on this post (with your favorite original song from last night’s episode, if you’re looking for comment content) before this Sunday at 12 PM Central, and we’ll pick one at random as our winner. (Excessive squeeing at the Kurt/Blaine kiss is also an acceptable entry.)

Happy hiatus!

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14 Comments On "Giveaway: To get you through the Glee hiatus"

  1. Maria Lima

    Not really entering drawing, but couldn’t pass up a chance to SQUEE!!!! I was vastly amused to see that “They Kissed” was a trending topic on Twitter last night just minutes after the event. :)

    ::total Klaine fangrrl::


    • Leah

      It’s possible I actually clapped. I’m not really sure how I feel about Blaine, but I do know that nothing in Glee makes me happier than seeing Kurt happy.


      • Maria Lima

        I totally clapped. :) Kurt deserves happiness!

  2. MrsJ

    Awesome, thank you! Watched it later on Hulu but was excited to see that ‘They Kissed’ was trending on Twitter!!


  3. Ashley

    So happy to see Kurt happy. <3 The whole episode last night was just epic. I loved the first season so much, but this one just hasn't been as good, in my opinion. I was so glad to get an episode where things actually happened relevant to the overall plot, AND with some awesome songs as well. I actually really liked both original songs, but I thought it would have made sense to make the 2nd one more of a collaborative effort. It felt weird to see Rachel sing basically the whole first song, and then be the female lead in the 2nd one as well.


  4. EK

    I think the Loser song with the Slurpee machine was brilliant. I loved seeing the cuts to Sue’s face during it. :)

    ALSO OMG KURT AND BLAINE. I nearly cried. His stricken expression right after the kiss was PERFECTION.


  5. ChristiCat

    I want to enter the contest! So many songs to choose from but I’m going to go with Trouty Mouth since it cracked me up. And Santana is one of my favorite characters.

    And SQUEEEE!!!! for Blaine and Kurt!!!!! <3 <3


  6. aeirould

    My favorite song overall had to be Blackbird… and the changes in Blaine’s demeanor while visibly falling in love with Kurt.
    On the Original Song front, Big Ass Heart, with Rachel’s almost-solo a close second.


  7. Andrew Zimmerman Jones

    Favorite song was definitely Loser Like Me.


  8. Cindy

    As a Sam Evan’s fangirl, I have to go with Trouty Mouth. I like both of Rachel’s songs alright, but they were almost too pop. Would have liked to have seen someone other than Finn take the male lead too. Favorite overall song was by far Blackbird. Loved the Klaine kiss.


  9. Lady in a Smalltown

    It is a toss-up between Get it Right and Loser Like Me. But I have to say Loser Like Me totally gave me chills. I have been Googling like crazy to find one of these fingers.


  10. Ben

    Rachel’s song (no, not Only Child. Get It Right.) was my favorite song. Although probably my favorite thing in the episode were the cuts to Will’s headdesk expression during the early attempts at songwriting.


  11. Saph

    They kissed. <333 :D

    But Loser Like Me was an awesome song lol.


  12. Techboi

    Loser like me is a perfect representation of new directions but I’d have to say that other songs like hell no were also really funny xD


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