Fringe fans: found!

By March 11th, 2011

Two weeks ago we asked for volunteers to do an early read and show “fact check” for our upcoming Fringe anthology, Fringe Science. And you guys delivered! Our commenters included self-professed obsessives, professional copyeditors, astronomers and physicists, Fringe and sf podcasters (FRiNGEcasting with Wayne and Dan, Slice of SciFi, Fringe Benefits, Inc. [FBI]), and more.

I did promise random, though, so courtesy of the random number generator at, the five we’ll be sending an early copy of the MS to are:

  1. ashley doran
  2. wayne henderson
  3. runpaceyrun
  4. Leisa Winrich
  5. klarckent

Sincere thanks to each and every volunteer! (And Meg, we’d love to keep you apprised; we recommend entering your email into the form on the Fringe Science book page.)

For the five above, I’ll be in touch via email once the manuscript has been pulled together in April, using the email you entered when you posted the comment. (If that’s not the best way to reach you, just shoot me an email from that account and let me know what email we should use.)

In the meantime, enjoy tonight’s new episode of Fringe!

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