Friday Night Lights Episode, 5.8, Twitter Party Recap

By June 10th, 2011

Just in time for a new Friday Night Lights episode tonight, here’s a recap of all the fun Leah and I had last week, tweeting up a storm during our favorite TV drama, with the help of A Friday Night Lights Companion contributor, Robin Wasserman (@robinwasserman).

First note-worthy event of the episode: Coach Taylor swinging a tricycle part at Julie’s sleazy TA, who had the nerve to show up at her door. (The nerve to show up, but the good sense to run away as soon as Eric appeared in the doorway.)

As Leah said, “That was possibly the most threatening use of a pink tricycle part ever.” (Although, admittedly, I said “As badass as Coach is, breaking the TA’s taillight with Gracie Belle’s tricycle handlebar is … not that badass.” I mean, if it had been anything else but a pink tricycle part!)

Leah’s next tweet — “Glad Luke’s back to being sweet. Also, more people should reference carrier pigeons.” — made me instantly think of Rory and Logan’s season five quippy relationship on The Gilmore Girls.

Regarding Luke, our co-tweeter Robin had this to say, “He’s started to remind me of Matt so much that at last week’s bbq I kept waiting for him to make out with Julie.” I completely agree!

We break for the trivia part of the evening with @Esbee92 sharing that “Ok this ‘Oklahoma Tech’ stadium on Friday Night Lights is totally Memorial Stadium at UT. Hook ‘Em Horns!” (Editor’s note: Gig ‘Em!)

Leah then tweeted this hilarious gem: “If ya’ll will allow me a shallow moment: Was that cheerleader wearing knee high lace-up converse boots? Because if so, I want some.” (Now she can have them!)

At one point, I commented that “I think Mindy Riggins should write a self-help book.” To which the lovely @staceyoristano, who plays Minday, responded: “Already in progress! I’m calling it ‘Whiskey, Chaps, Riggins, and Rhinestones; or How to Be Loud to Get What You Want.'” Yeah, we definitely want to read that one.

Toward the end of the hour, @tuesdaymidnight‘s funny comment was worth a retweet: “OMG. [Julie] WENT TO SEE [name redacted; no spoilers]!!! That’s the first smart thing she’s done all season.”

I ended the episode with this thought: “One #FNL thing I’ll miss the most: the final scenes of each episode where so often words aren’t necessary.”

It’s so true. You know we’re huge fans, but it’s just so masterfully done, especially those closing scenes each week.

Any favorite thoughts or tweets from last week? Also, tune in tonight for another hour of live-tweeting fun!

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